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Alright…on October 2nd I got a migraine at work. Guess what happened today? Only this time it hit earlier–like about an hour and a half into my day? I’m still feeling kind of sick but not too bad? And of course I didn’t/don’t have my (single, last triptan) on me.

I’m not quite sure what happened as it seemed like a bit of a “migraine roller coaster.”

Things seemed to follow the same pattern as in the above link but how on earth did I manage to sort of, kind of, partially…recover by the end of my work day. I did not take any OTC pain meds as they don’t do anything for me anyway. The only thing I can come up with is caffeine.

Even though it can be a trigger for some, for other migraineurs, if you can get some into you quickly enough, you might be able to ward off your nasty headache. Or reduce it to a degree like I have done? Granted, it didn’t do anything for my nausea… But that seems to possibly be a bit better too? I can’t quite tell. I’m still a bit out of it and possibly moving into the Postdromal phase as I am exhausted and feeling rather depressed and forlorn.

I am not impressed, however. As I have mentioned before, the only trigger that I have identified is weather change. In October, we had oddly warm temperatures that then dropped. Now we have plunged into rather cold temperatures. I do not wish to have an increase in my migraines with every stupid weather fluctuation as, well…weather is completely unpredictable! My migraines were doing quite well…up until now?

And interestingly enough (strangely enough?) I have been getting small headaches for the last few days–every day. That struck me as odd as I do not normally get headaches at all–at least not for years! And that is not a typical Prodromal phase symptom–at least not as far as I could find. Again, the Prodromal phase can last for several days.

So time to stock up on the abortives, I guess mention it to my neurologist when I see him in January (especially if they keep coming on) and then take it from there…

Okay, my work day is done. Time to take my relatively long commute home and ugh…