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Yep. If you read this that I only posted on November 19–a scant few days ago–another migraine. At least today is a Saturday and I am at home…not at work like that one and the one about six months ago that was mentioned in that post.

This is nuts. I mean…I just had a migraine on Monday. Five flippin’ days ago. I should have figured it out when I woke up today. But it was different than before And there was also something else that happened.

It was like I hadn’t taken my sleep meds at all! I was up every one or two hours all night. Now that has never happened since I have started taking the Seroquel/Quetiapine. However…continuing with the migraine progression that also varied a bit.

When I got up, I was extremely depressed. Now this was rather odd and distressing to say the least. My moods have been fine. Usually prior to getting a migraine, I am irritable. Not extremely but enough to notice a mood change. But never have I had a mood plummet. It was almost verging on the “can’t-get-out-of-bed” sort of depression but not that bad…I was functioning a bit, on the computer somewhat but it was hard.

I was so bloody naseous too. This did make me sit up and take notice. But I simply refused to believe that I would get another so soon! And the weather (only identified trigger, right?) hasn’t changed too much. I don’t think so? Not in temperature, perhaps but I can’t measure barometric pressure in my head.

So, no triptans in the house, no Gravol/Dimenhydrinate…just Ibuprophen? Ha ha. I will get some more triptans from Merlin #1 as I will be seeing him on Wednesday. And yes, I should pick up some more anti-nauseant.

My next appointment with my neuro isn’t until January. Perhaps they will be able to fit me in earlier? I will tell the receptionist about the issue, of course.

I’m not sure what he will say. I don’t know. He might just say keep chomping on the triptans (well, that’s not accurate…mine are sublingual) or he might go with better prophylaxis. Or both. I mean, I’d always need the triptans. But if they’re getting more frequent–and like this–can we please ramp up either my Topamax/Topiramate or my Frisium/Clobazam? Well, or my Lamictal/Lamotrigine? But he probably wouldn’t favour that one. I wouldn’t either?

I don’t know which might work better but I know the former is prescribed fairly often(?) to people here? Or at least I know of quite a few. I don’t think I know a lot of people on the second–for seizures or migraines–but they are out there in the world. Not to mention, I’m on a low dose. However, he’s the boss. Unfortunately, he’s not as keen on me being as keen on my med knowledge. Still, if we do go the prophylaxis route, he certainly would allow me to throw my thoughts into the discussion.

Well, I guess I should go and try and rest. I’m still waiting for my sleep meds to kick in as I took them hours ago to try and sleep earlier. But I couldn’t as it felt like my head was splitting in half and well…they take a while to kick in anyway.