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I was tagged for a musical meme here from damewiggy. But I’ll get to that. Interestingly enough, my next post was going to be musically related anyway.

Now we all know how to get “free” (ahem, cough…) music. But how great is it when the artist(s) actually offer it up to you to download it right from their sites? Hey, here’s my music! Just take it!

I finally got around to watching the third DVD if the lot that I rented nearly a month ago. Unbelievable. Thank goodness for no late charges with returns anymore. Otherwise it would have cost me who knows what?

So the last was “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance.” It was quite good. Sort of the typical theme for the Asian genre–you’ve totally screwed me over and boy am I going to get you back. Badly. Oh, you are going to pay dearly!

Now, I am not usually one to pay attention to soundtracks. It’s enough for me to pay attention to the plot! And even more so when the movie is subtitled–as this one was. But as the film began with its opening credits, I was stunned. I was immediately taken aback and was actually paying attention to the music.

After it was done, I attempted to find any bits of it online. No luck. Well, here’s the reason why. You can download the entire thing from the film’s website! And this film was released in 2005! It’s all still there. But I suppose that’s fine as you can still rent it?

The soundtrack is mostly adaptations of works by Vivaldi but there are some other pieces there as well. If you want it, take it, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I will stream one of the songs from it.

Here’s the link.

When the site fully loads, click on media and the zip files are there in four parts.

The second freebie site that I stumbled upon a while ago is from a group called Positively Dark. I don’t know if anyone out there has heard of them but I will stream something by them as well. They say that they are “techno” but I disagree. There are some “throbbing” beats and some sort of electronic background sounds but in some of the songs, there is piano playing that pretty much verges on New Age? I will stream something like this, simply to demonstrate. I downloaded a few of their things but not everything like the lovely “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” soundtrack.

Here is their link.

So, now on to my meme. I have not been “meme’d” often. This is the third time, actually. Well, not including the very first where I just “meme’d” myself before anyone else did to get it over with.

If you didn’t click on the meme to read what it is about, I am to try and mention one song that inspires me to write. Well, then!

Here’s my answer: I have absolutely no clue. No, really. I don’t. In fact, I can’t think of any song that inspires me to write. I love music of all kinds–I stream it on my blog as you can see and sometimes it might get a little, well, who knows? But I don’t really think that music “inspires” me to write. And one thing is for sure. I can’t listen to it when I write! It buggers my concentration. It’s an ADD thing perhaps. Although, I am sure there are others out there without ADD that need silence or no distractions to write as well.

So, if music doesn’t inspire me, what does? Well, I guess “ideas” of some sort? Personal experiences? Both those of mine and those of others? Maybe just trying to look around and see something that might generate some kind of thought and then off you go?

So, it looks like this meme kind of went bust with me. Sorry about that everyone. But hey, at least I provided everyone with some music and links where you can download it? Maybe it will inspire you all to do some writing?

And I’m not sure who to meme so if you’ve been inspired by the meme too, feel free to take it on and write about it from your own perspective!