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Hard Day At The Office?

Yes, I have an office job.

I was printing off some reports and the printer ran out of paper.  Okay, let’s open a fresh pack, load it up and keep going.  Now, we’ve all had paper cuts, right? I got one.

Ouch! I looked at my wee pinky and wow! Blood was actually dripping!

I don’t know if anyone else has had a paper cut that bad but I haven’t.

I want to sue our paper supplier.

Alright, I’ll try and start writing more intelligible posts soon.

So I popped a piece of chewing gum into my mouth this morning as it was a little dry. I rarely chew gum. With the problems I experienced many years ago with my TMJ, that became a big no no. And my TMJ problems have come back to haunt me still in the recent past.

It’s one of those types of packets where you pop out the piece from the back and just like everything else these days, it has the “nutritional information” label on it. Sure. “Nutritional information” in chewing gum.

I got a little chuckle when I found that there were three calories in my one little piece. But nothing else. How fascinating! It also listed:

  1. Fats = 0
  2. Carbohydrates = 0
  3. Protein = 0

And then at the bottom: “Not a significant source of other nutrients.” Well, that hardly came as a surprise.

Now, it’s sugarless (let’s all save our teeth, everyone–they have to last you a lifetime!) So the source of the calories came from the Aspartame, right? Or maybe the Maltitol? There are calories in both. But Maltitol is a carbohydrate and the “nutritional information” said there were no carbs in my gum. So, it really must be the Aspartame.

But there’s also some Mannitol in it. That has just a wee bit of calories and is suggested as a sweetening alternative for people with Diabetes. It’s slowly absorbed in the digestive tract so your rise in blood glucose levels needing more insulin isn’t as compromised. And it’s also used so the chewing gum doesn’t get so “sticky.”

Well, then.

Hang on. There’s Sorbitol. There are calories in that too. It’s also slowly absorbed and good for people with Diabetes as stated above. And as far as my chewing gum, it keeps it from losing its moisture. Okay, it keeps my gum lasting a bit longer? More bang for my buck?

I give up. I have no idea where on earth the three calories are coming from. And even though I do need to keep trying to gain weight, I don’t think chewing gum is really my answer.

I do have one question, though. How long do I have to chew it to absorb my three calories? I mean, you don’t eat chewing gum…you…well, you chew it!

Oh, yes…and it was Spearmint.