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I subscribe to the I’m A Blogaholic Blog and the latest post that went up today was to try and come up with a Post Of The Year for 2007. I see. Well, I thought this might be kind of fun. Or something. But what to choose? If you’ve been reading this blog since its inception–actually 13 months ago–you’ll know that it’s been pretty freaky at times! Alright, even if you haven’t been reading it since I started it, you still might know it’s been pretty freaky at times.

So, yes. Considering even the name of my blog, that already implies (or downright screams) that there is a certain amount of mental insanity flying around. And at times, it has not been pretty. So let us dispense with the “not been pretty.” No. That would not be appropriate here.

Where shall I go. In terms of complete insanity, I could just direct you to my “Hospitalizations” Category/Tag and you can read all about those. There are five posts that are about my previous/first five and during my sixth, last spring, I had computer access so I actually blogged madly, fast and furiously, like some demon posessed while inpatient. That might drive everyone as batshit crazy as I am as there are a lot of posts from that stay. A lot.

Okay, so I thought I’d just save myself a fair bit of time and go straight for the jugular (i.e. my “Humour” Category/Tag.) Let’s see what I can pull out of there that perhaps gave some people some chuckles and that I particularly liked as well. And even though the original post from the Blogaholic blog said pick just one…well, come on! However, I’ll try to pick just a few.

So, I could have pulled out all of the crazy search term ones that a lot of us like to play with but I thought I’d simply choose this one because it really was my all time best.

I kind of liked the one I wrote here about trying to manage my ADD. It was also submitted and accepted to Grand Rounds when I wrote it which is always nice. I really appreciate it when I submit my posts and the bloggers that host GRs put them up. So far, they’ve taken all of them when I’ve sent them and to me, that’s incredibly flattering as I’m a patient blogger and not a medical blogger. So, maybe you’ll find the above entertaining as well. “Funnily” enough, I only got one response and no one else commented that they thought it was funny. That actually made me laugh!

Alright, I guess this shall be the last. It made some people laugh as I think I got some comments elsewhere under different posts and not just the ones alone under the original itself. Wow, did I feel so sick after doing this. At least now that I’m living on my own I don’t have to worry about any cream in my fridge?

And I didn’t place this one under “Humour.” I need to fix that up.