Oh Wow…This MP3 Just Made My Crappy Day!

Check it out… Totally crazy name: “Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse” by Of Montreal. And no, they’re not Canadian.

If you’re curious about the reference to “Nina Twin?” She’s his wife.

Bless the CBC for the program I just happened to be listening to a few minutes ago…

Oh, this is just great…


  1. tracy

    love it (the song!!) and yes, i do have a gun…it is a .45 and it is husband’s, but i hid it from him when i was really worried about him (separated from the clip, of course!). and me? i’m a coward, i could never “use it”
    take care dear, tracy


  2. Hi tracy, I’m glad you like/d the song. However, I’m still shitting myself that you have a gun. That is really scaring me.

    And yet…it’s somehow intriguing me at the same time…

    Oh dear.

    I need to get these visions of guns out of my head.

    I’ve always been curious to shoot a gun, though. Just to see what it feels like. Maybe go to a shooting range or something. See what my aim is like? I’m a pretty crappy dart player, I’ll tell you that!

    Oh, wow…PA with a gun. Heh. I’d be my avatar!!!


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