Go DSL, Go WP, Go (My Generous Blog Friend’s) Server…GO!

Alright…I’m running out of time for my post for today. I’m tired. I’ve had a day. Let’s just leave it at that. So, I’m tossing up an MP3.

This is a great song…in my humble opinion and my Scots readers may already know of them as they are from Glasgow. Or the Brit. readers may know of them as well… Or shit, maybe you all have heard of them.

The song is “Break” by The Cinematics.


Alright, check Cyberduck…where are we? Excellent! Good to go!

I can now just post this, well within making my deadline and then muck about with my widget and hey…all dine and fandy.


  1. I love the Cinematics. Bumped into them on a couple of occasions. Glasgow has a tight enough scene that it is easy to bump into and get chatting to band folk, it is awesome.

    Cyberduck though? Really? I envy you hugely for being on Mac but surely you should consider checking out Transmit. The dock-send feature alone is worth the entry price alone. Along side parallels the coolest piece of software that my friend has on his Mac. Strangely enough given the Cinematics line you quote it is from Panic software


  2. Hey exactscience, I knew you’d show up for this one.

    That’s cool that you met them. As I mentioned previously, I met Peter Murphy. I have his autograph too. At the show, I also took some photographs. I can’t remember what I was shooting…what speed of film etc… It was so long ago.

    Regardless, I did manage to get a few good shots. With film, you need to blow a boatload to get at least something. The ones that were decent(?) were kind of neat, I think, because of the lighting (stage) and maybe my film speed or whatever. Again, I can’t remember.

    Also, in those days, it was different when you went to go see a show in a “club” vs. a concert venue. Although this was a larger club, I managed to sneak my way up to the DJ booth and snap some shots. The DJ at the time was a very popular one but he was very laid back. He was…sure, go ahead… Also back then, no one gave a crap about bringing cameras into shows.

    Okay, that was a lot of crazy concert talk. But continuing…I’ve met…well, I don’t know, some Canadian band in my teens?

    I did get front row for Lenny Kravitz and Simple Minds in 1999-2000? Too bad about Simple Minds though as it wasn’t the original line up. Jim Kerr dripped sweat on me *laughing* How disgusting is that! I did shake his hand, however.

    Lenny was hilarious. Some girls jumped on stage and he was all…yeah, baby and danced with them. But where is he now, you know? And where the hell are Simple Minds? Gone?

    Alright…enough about that?

    I’m quite happy with Cyberduck. Mac Guru recommended it and it works fine. And it’s free. If I don’t have to pay for software, I won’t do it. And considering I’m only streaming MP3s on my blog…it’s good enough, right?


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