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Not that I’m getting discouraged with the whole Blog365 project. Actually, I did make a list of some things to possibly write about–yes, it’s at home. Somewhere. Lost in the land of ADD. Something that also got lost in the land of ADD (my brain, not my apartment) is a long outstanding meme post!

I wrote yet another submission. Boy, am I writing, eh? Well, my blog posts may not be so thrilling but I guess I’m doing something. This is number two, then–well, apart from what was already sent. In what, two days? I did it longhand as well so I still need to throw it onto the computer, check word count, edit, proof. I’m fine with deadlines for both.

I need to go see Merlin #1 this afternoon. I’m buggering off from work after that. I am not particularly pleased about a couple of things. No. I don’t even quite know what to say…let alone do!

Well, with one thing I know what to “do.” Difficult but perhaps, achievable. The other? Fuck, me. It may have already been decided for me, however. There may actually be nothing for me to “do.” And yet, why do we always feel like we have to “do” something?

So, yes. On the latter point, my brain feels like it’s in some kind of perpetual motion. I’m so exhausted, I can barely get through of all the Wiki link above and I am no physicist.

But let’s at least look at the opening paragraph:

The term perpetual motion, taken literally, refers to movement that goes on forever. This is possible in the current theoretical understanding of physics as in Newton’s First Law of Motion. However, perpetual motion usually refers to a device or system that delivers more energy than was put into it. Such a device or system would be in violation of the law of Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can never be created or destroyed, and is therefore deemed impossible by the laws of physics. The most conventional type of perpetual motion machine is a mechanical system which (supposedly) sustains motion while inevitably losing energy to friction and air resistance.

So, what I’m taking away from this is that, if the situation has been decided for me and I can do nothing about it, I’ve really got to take my “perpetual motion machine” and throw it off the roof of the highest multi-story building I can find. If not that, contact some kind of construction company and see if they own a steamroller or another, similar piece of heavy equipment. Or I could tie it up with loads of rocks and dump it in the water, all Virgina Woolf style…god, just anything!

Okay. Once that is done, maybe I can relax a little bit?

“Energy can never be created or destroyed.” Wait a second. What the hell does that mean for my thinking? I really feel like not creating any energy as I don’t want to think right now but since I am thinking…well, I’d really kind of like to destroy that energy and blast my brain into oblivion. In case it still starts getting all “perpetual motion” again? It does that you know.

Conservation of Energy from the Wiki link above:

In physics, the conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in any isolated system remains constant but can’t be recreated, although it may change forms, e.g. friction turns kinetic energy into thermal energy. In thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics is a statement of the conservation of energy for thermodynamic systems, and is the more encompassing version of the conservation of energy. In short, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

Well, this sounds a bit more promising. Maybe if I can’t kill my brain energy altogether, I can somehow kind of transform it. Like, maybe turn it into gold or something! Or I don’t know, I’m not that materialistic. Perhaps, just a nice piece of chocolate cake. Yes, that sounds good.

I want to turn this situation around…change all my brain energy into chocolate cake.