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I posted earlier that my week at work wasn’t that bad. Well, by today at the end of the week I was proven wrong.

Hang on…Michael Nyman just ended on CD and I need to reload something else.

Aside: There’s a post I could link to (if I wasn’t so tired) where I wrote that I couldn’t write if there was music playing/if I was listening to music. That has changed slightly. Hmmm. I could write with no problem at all, and in fact, with flames under my ass when (hypo)manic with any type of music playing.

I’m not hypomanic now. Maybe my Biphenitin is just whipping me into shape *grin*

Okay…let me get some CD to finish this sad, brief post.

OMG. It took me forever to find a suitable CD. Well, at this time EST (aka deadline) I still have one hour and 15 minutes to finish this post. And I’m not going to to tell you the CD I selected. Because it is actually one of my favourites and one of The Coolest Double CDs By Two Of The MOST Famous Remix/Masters Out There.

I’ll I give you a hint. K. D.

I’ll stream them…something that they’ve done on these discs, I promise. You won’t be disappointed. I mean not every track is a 100% winner but wow… I have loved this disc set for so long. It’s a “soft” (paper/cardboard) CD case too so…take care of it forever, PA!

Okay, so my week…early…always busy, and it was it a bit busier than normal perhaps, but today it just fucking exploded!

Which is fine. It’s not that I can’t handle my job. Not at all.

All it means is that I can’t make much of a blog post for you all to read…tonight, tomorrow (time zones…)

Yesterday? That would be for the time traveller bloggers.

Either way. I’m still meeting my deadline so I’ll see you all tomorrow after I’ve had some sleep… Let’s hope I’ll be able to post something better then.

Edit: And a special xo to someone… *wink*  …sleepy PA waves and sends love and now goes beddy-bye…but thinks…no, should eat…some…more…

Good grief.

Will someone adopt me?