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Before I begin, I’m reasonably sure that damewiggy might have something to say regarding post after she wrote this. Which I thought was wonderful, by the way.

I own a 5G 30GB (black, of course) that is not quite two years old.  I am now getting approximately five hours of battery life.  Apple says I should have originally gotten 14 hours of continuous playback of music.  Now, that is apparently without “touching” it.  You, I guess(?) can’t fast forward, use only playlists, no backlight…  Really? Don’t use it in the dark? You are to always use the “Hold” switch when it is not in use…what else? Oh, don’t monkey with the EQ…  As far as your music files, keep them at 128 Kbps, and larger songs? Divide them into tracks.  Now, that last one…give me a break! The second last? I have over 2500 songs in my library.  Can you imagine how long it would take me to convert them all to 128s?

And, you didn’t tell me all of this, or include it in any sort of “manual” when I got it, right? In fact…what manual?

It’s a no brainer that all rechargeable batteries “die” after a while, but crap! It hasn’t even been two years yet.  And I swear, I only got about eight to nine hours out of it when I first got it.  I really don’t think I got a bad battery.  I’m kind of wondering what’s going to happen with poor MacBook! Will its battery flop in less than two years as well?

So, I have a few options.  I can get a new battery–and apparently that means a new iPod through Apple? But, ex-partner didn’t buy it through Apple.  It does have a warranty, but I don’t know how it all would work.  However, I’m assuming it would go to Apple.

There is all sorts of banter about “screw Apple and their shite batteries” on the internet and get this one, get that one…  So, I could go to another computer place and get them to replace it? Lord knows, I couldn’t.  Do you know what my model looks like? Fort Knox.  I couldn’t take it apart to shove a new battery into it! Maybe that’s why Apple just gives you a new one.  They make trillions of dollars from selling so many anyway.

Or…I could buy a new one! Oh, PA…  How terrible are you with your addiction to gadgetry.  Combined with your laziness, and in this case, a combination of frustration along with.  But, there is an altruistic side to this choice.  I could give my old 5G to my sister (and her kids) to play with.  Although…that might lead to full blown riots, bloody battles and ultimate death as to who in the household gets to use it.  Still, I remember how envious she was when I told her ex-partner bought it for me as a birthday present.


It’s not critical at the moment, I suppose, but it has died on me at some “critical” moments.  I’ve had to remember to bring my USB cable to work (and remember to use it!) but if I don’t, my boss usually has his.  Or, I can start hauling MacBook around with me wherever I go, but really! I don’t use it for work etc… so that seems a little silly.

Alright, enough about that.  Let’s move on to my “cans.”  I’m so old.  I didn’t even know that’s what my larger headphones were called until not that long ago! I can’t wear earbuds.  My ears are too small so they either fall out or hurt.  I also like the larger headphones as I find they give better sound and in the winter, I call them “Functional Earmuffs.”

I bought a pair of low end Sennheisers not long ago after some quite cheap Panasonics gave up the ghost after many years.  Unfortunately, the pair I chose were not available to try out but a similar pair were.  Fine.  I am by no means an expert but I know enough about audio equipment.  Plug in to iPod…sounds good…let’s buy.  I mean, I’m just listening to MP3s!

Now the problem was, since I couldn’t open the packaging, I didn’t know that the cord was about 500ft. long (okay, I’m exaggerating but I think you understand.)  To accommodate for that, there was this stupid “belt clip” where you could wind up the excess for portability.  Good grief! When I wear it, espescially when sitting down, I can feel it digging into my hips and ribs!

But that’s not all…

The 500ft. cord has become completely tangled just below the headphones where they split off from each other, and then rejoin to make one single cord again.  I can not undo it! I keep having to move it, readjust it as it always twists up and around and rubs and tickles my neck! And not in a good way! ARGH!

But that’s not all…

The headphones no longer stay put where they move up and down when you would adjust them for one’s head size.  PA is tiny, so of course they have to be on the smallest notch.  Well, now they keep sliding down and that requires constantly pushing them back up all the time.

I need to buy new ones (along with my new iPod?) I could take my “low end” Sennheisers back to the “high end” store where I bought them and complain, but they probably wouldn’t care.

Oh yes, the model number is HD202–don’t buy them.