Oh No, My MRI Is Going To Be More Hellish Than I Thought

Overnight, I have developed a lovely cough. My MRI today will now be a bit more challenging? I could cancel, I suppose, but I really don’t want to. I just want to get the damn thing over and done with. Still, how on earth am I going to keep my head still for 40-45 minutes if I have to keep hacking away? It’s not like I’m having an MRI of my foot! Maybe that might be a bit easier? It’s not like they restrain you either. Although, maybe I could ask them to do that for me. That would be nice *wink*

They can pull you out if you have an itch to scratch, need to take a break or if you get all panicky or something. Perhaps I should see what kind of benzodiazepines they have on offer for those that get a little claustrophobic and need of some soothing before the tubing.

My guess would be that it would be either Ativan/Lorazepam or Klonopin/Rivotril/Clonazepam. The former has a slower absorption rate so my bet would be on the latter. I doubt that they’d use Valium/Diazepam. It has a rapid absoprtion rate as well. And good grief! I don’t think there’s any way on earth they’d be handing out Xanax/Alprazolam!

Not that I have anything against any of the benzos. I think they’re all great and can all serve a purpose. A lot of people get freaked out about tolerance, (ab)use, withdrawal etc… but I’ve been on one for long periods at a time and never had a problem. That was Serax/Oxazepam. I only deviated to Clonazepam just to see if would be better for anxiety as I was taking the Oxazepam primarily for sleep and prn for anxiety. I experienced the unfortunate side effect of increased depression with extended use of the Clonazepam.


Anyway, point being as far as the “negative press” about benzos; it can happen with some, I won’t deny that. Nonetheless, let’s not paint everyone with the same brush, people.

I know that benzos are not cough suppressants, of course, but they might relax me enough to just breath and not cough and try to clear my scratchy, wee chest. I do not know. I’m exhausted right now as it is. I also do not know if benzos will really do anything to me with my current cocktail. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any. And Lorazepam is like taking candy for me. There’s no point in that if that’s what they’re doling out. I should have brought my meds from home *laughing* Pop my Seroquel/Quetiapine and I still have some of my Imovane/Zoplicone left over! The hospital’s quite a trek so lots of time for their absorption rate!

Wow, I sound like a real junkie but I just want to stay still! I don’t want them to be mad at me and I don’t want to screw it up and have book another appointment! I suppose there could also be the option of hauling me out every time I have to cough and it would take about four hours?

Currently I am drowning myself in Buckley’s. And there is no dextromethorphan in it so that isn’t what’s making me all tired and “stoned.” *laughing again*


*PA coughs again*

*PA swallows more Buckley’s*

I think my body must be really giving me a major F.O.A.D right now as I was just sick about a couple of weeks ago or so?

I’m almost out of my Buckley’s. I might have to run across the street to a store and get either some more of this or whatever they have on hand. I don’t know if this MRI is going to be very successful. Shit, again. Maybe they could just haul me out to chug more cough syrup every so often? That might work.

I’m going to need tons of blankies too. PA’s going to freeze. I’m going to demand every blankie on the floor, in the entire hospital, even! Yes, from the psych ward, too!

HA! Doing that…well, that’s where I’d end up?


  1. My guess at the benzodiazepine would be midazolam. Codeine would make sense, too, since opiates have anxiolytic properties and also inhibit the cough reflex.

    Good luck with the MRI anyway.


  2. Hi chimpy, good to see you. I apologize, first off, for not coming by your place lately. I am so sucking at keeping up with everyone’s blogs. Blog365 is consuming me and so is my (pathetic) life.

    *PA hangs head*

    Midazolam, as far as I understand it here, is not prescribed as a benzo in pill form. It is only used as anaesthetic. In fact, I am quite sure…I think(?)…it was part of my concoction for my conscious sedation when I had my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. I think I even talked about it with Gastro-Man? You know I am such a med geek.

    When they tried to do the Endo. when I was a kid they screwed it up royally as “in those days” you still had to be awake to swallow the scope. Not with Gastro-Man! I told him that he wouldn’t get it down because of my nasty gag reflex so he’d better damn well knock me out…if he could.

    He’s so cool.

    “Sure, no problem!” he said.

    Anaesthesiology is really cool as far as I am concerned. You can check out the underwear drawer that is on my blogroll. It is written by a wonderful blogger who is an Anaesthesiologist. She writes about that and just great stuff about life. She is very funny.

    But Anaes. (I’ll abbrev.) is actually quite…interesting…complicated? I mean, you get the Aneasthesia, a Paralytic…shit…more but I can’t remember. There is at least one I forgot in the general “trio,” I think. I’m sorry. I’m so tired.

    Regardless, they have to also monitor patients in surgery–very closely. I’ve also heard that they get a “bad rap” because some (Surgeons?) think they’re “really not doctors” but I disagree. I think what they do is a I huge balancing act!

    And I’m not coming down on, or generalizing Surgeons as assholes for giving Anaesthesioligists a hard time. I know/have met one personally and at least from his account, he was given a hard time.


  3. I used to talk to doctors fairly often as part of my job. The anaesthetists were always easier to talk to than the surgeons, who often seemed rather full of themselves. The surgeons’ secretaries were some of the most frightening people I’ve ever spoken to.

    Midazolam isn’t often used as a first choice of prescription med, but it’s sometimes prescribed for insomnia where other benzodiazepines haven’t worked. It’s often used as a pre-med though.

    You’ll have to ask what it is if they do give you a sedative for the MRI. Though I’m sure you would anyway…


  4. Hi chimpy, a quickie as I’m “dying.”

    I agree about the prescribing. I mean, some docs here aren’t really all “freaky benzo.” Like I said, I had been on Oxaz. up there for years. And before, Imovane (a hypnotic) and then after Imovane and now it’s Seroquel! I don’t care…just give me something to sleep!

    Wait for that post…coming…should…be…*sigh*

    Surprisingly, this hospital didn’t offer anything whereas the hospital where I had my first one did. They said I needed “to get it from my family doctor and bring it with me.” Oh, so just start popping whatever pills you want?

    No “Quality Control?” or safety even?

    That was weird.

    That Bad:

    The techs weren’t as nice and didn’t talk to me for each scan–or at all. The others at the last hospital were awesome. I mean, we yapping up a storm.

    All of that Buckley’s I drank made me feel sick. As soon as I got dressed, I thought I was going to throw up. Nope…other end! I had to run to the bathroom! Sorry if that’s too disgusting for everyone *laughing*

    The Good:

    It was only a half hour, I didn’t cough and I remembered to keep my ear plugs! I sleep with ear plugs every night.

    And…I got Hopsital PJs! Well, the bottoms anyway, they don’t have tops. Now, I haven’t had hospital PJ’s since my first inpatient stay? Or was it my second?

    Well, you can bet I nicked them! Sooo comfortable.

    So if I couldn’t get benzos, I’d take PJs!


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