The Return Of Spock

Spock will be leaving for Vulcan shortly. She needs to bring back some recent research to her planet that she has been conducting to try and explain more of what you Humans call “Emotion.”

This time Spock has found something called a “YouTube.” It is a very primitive form of visual expression of Human Action and “Emotion” sometimes through your music. This “YouTube” phenomenon seems to have begun in your 21st Century although this particular visual image was created in the 20th Century.

It is an example of some of the research that she has gathered on her latest mission.

She should be returning from Vulcan in perhaps 24 hours your Earth time within your current 21st Century to communicate further. That is unless she receives any messages from you that require attention via the Enterprise.

Here is your “YouTube.”

It is called: “Skin Deep” by The Stranglers.

As a note to the name given to these “actors” or “musicians” who seem to be somehow conveying something about Human “Emotion.” Spock finds it intriguing that their name is associated with a violent Human Action.


  1. PA you are a class act


  2. Hello exactscience, I just received your message as I was beginning to transport. I must say that I find your…”moniker,” I guess you would call it, quite impressive for a Human. I have yet to find one that has attained a level of “Exact” Science during the 21st Century.

    Although I am set to leave momentarily perhaps we could speak when I return. If you are in fact Human, and from the 21st Century you could be highly valuable for me to bring back to Vulcan at a later date.


  3. HP

    Spock? Have I missed something while I’ve been away?


  4. Hello, HP, I have also studied your field of employment, and apparently you deal with Human “Emotion” as well.

    I find the evolution of Human “Psychology,” and the techniques used to attempt Humans to deal with, and actually understand their own “Emotion” rather impractical.

    This can be significantly proven by the differing opinions, and arguments within the field of “Psychology” itself. Those that advocate this practice for an understanding of Human “Emotion” can not agree amongst themselves entirely on the field’s own merit, and ways to conduct its practice, thus it is proven that the field is without merit.

    With so many variables, and improper measurement tools there is no clear outcome.

    It is illogical, and again shows that Humans as a species have not yet evolved to quite the level they should in employing certain techniques for resolving conflict. It appears that even Humans may have problems understanding Human “Emotion” to certain degrees as well.

    *Spock makes note*

    Okay as fun as it is to keep playing Spock in this post (and I probably will with as many responses I continue to get) to answer your question HP

    Some readers/other bloggers know that PA has a very logical, and analytical side. That is not to say that she is not emotional! No, not at all! However, when dealing with some issues, and problems–and some tough emotional ones–she will become “Spock.” It’s a bit of a joke, and a nickname she has given herself. Some other bloggers have even called her that too.


  5. Hey, listen sorry for the comment on DW. I didn’t pay ANY attention to the sidebar. Your comment just threw me for a loop. You have to know that in cyberspace, you never can tell. I wasn’t calling your writing shit though. I was saying wtf is up the comment. Now that I read this, I find your comment full of wit. So please accept my sincere apology. I’m really not a total bitch, just a woman who is severely sleep deprived and little bit crazy herself….again, my apologies. all best, kim


  6. HP

    Aha. I thought it might be something to do with the ears! :)


  7. Hi krkbaker…no, no, no!

    Don’t apologize! You need not worry, dear. It definitely was a “throw anyone for the loop comment” for sure, but I meant it for dame, and also anyone that “knows,” or anyone that cared *cough cough* to figure it out…or again “cared.”

    I am glad, and appreciative *bows head* that you found it “full of wit.” I don’t think you’re a bitch! Good grief! I don’t even know you, and really I don’t think anyone is a bitch!

    That is mean, and completely uncalled for in the land of PA.

    I am sorry that you are sleep deprived. That sucks. I know that feeling well. In fact I was working on an insomnia post until WP completely died on me this afternoon so now I shall have to toss up something else before my Blog365 deadline. I can’t finish the other one tonight.

    At least despite the browser hangs (bullshit…yeah right, it was WP) my post got saved.

    Don’t you worry kim…all is good. Come back here, and be “crazy” with me (and everyone else) anytime.

    Now I don’t know how to bold you. I do that to all my commenters. It’s just my style.

    Anyway, please know that you’re always welcome…and know that my writing is shit. *laughing again* I’ve sent in a couple of submissions recently, and another is coming up that I have to do. Pfft.

    Hi HP. My ears are actually really small. Just like the rest of me *wink*

    And by the way…where are my recordings…? The dulcet tones? I know your busy but…shit. You’re not on a Mac are you? GarageBand is so simple! Even if it isn’t the best quality vocally when you import it to iTunes it’s done–just like that!

    Come on! I know you hate me ranting about the whole “accent” thing. Put me out of my misery?


    *PA smiles coyly*


  8. HP

    Ah, but PA, I have been ‘bastardised’. The family think I now sound Australian, although Australians pick the accent.
    I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this.


  9. Hi HP. Oh, a bit of Aussie is fine. Actually I mentioned GarageBand, but it’s a Mac tool that already comes with the OS. That may have been kind of stupid as I don’t even know if you have a Mac or not!


    If so the instructions are on Apple’s website. I can even record myself and send it to you! Anything you would like me to say, or read in particular?

    I did fine it surprisingly easy after a few attempts. The worst was to try to keep from screwing up and stop laughing! If you don’t have it whatever form or media is fine.

    *HP spanks PA*


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