The Antigua Diaries – Part Two

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Day Two 98/03/17 1730hrs

– Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We went into St. John’s today. Lots to see. The markets were fairly crowded but no “pressure sales” which was quite a relief. The shuttle was taken, yet again, to Nelson’s Dockyard and then a “bus” to St. John’s. The vehicle was a large, new van-type that seated app. 20-30 people with fold down aisle seats. The drivers here are crazy!

They have one new highway which is paved nicely but some of the other roads are dirt (reddish brown) and very bumpy! I wanted to take some pictures of the landscape but it was just too crowded.

The woman who cashed my Traveller’s Cheque may be coming to Canada in November. She wanted to know where (Edit: location) was. I gladly told her as much as I could in a scant few minutes across a bank counter.

They make some rum here and in Barbados called Mount Gay…too funny…going to have to pick some up for sure. (Edit: now either I wasn’t much of a rum consumer then and didn’t know it was already available in Canada or it wasn’t back then? Probably the former?)

Speaking of which, everyone seems to like the Freedom Rings, especially the kids (Edit: also known as “Pride Rings.” Rainbow colours on a chain that you wear around your neck if you do not already know. Why the hell I was wearing them in Antigua, I have no idea! I guess I was feeling especially gay! Also, I was still in my seven year long stint of non-stop (hypo)mania so I was Living Pretty Large! *laughing*)

Even in one of the more expensive jewellery stores¹ one of the ladies thought they were just so great.

¹ – I’ll just mention this straight up if you’ve never been to Antigua. One word for any ex-pats living there (or some people travelling there?) Rich. A strange pre-arrangement for me to meet a Canadian ex-pat while I was there…wow. It’s coming…

The Antigua Diaries – Part One

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