Archive for February 25th, 2008

No, I’m not.  Really.  But I sure want to–and have wanted to all day.  I’m just wrapping things up now and getting ready to go home.  I’m typing this post here as I am tempted to crawl straight into bed when I…crawl back home.

I can not believe how busy I was today.  I am completely exhausted too as I stupidly continued my “vacation routine” of staying up too late.  That made getting up early for my first day back to work utterly excruciating (well, more so than it already is.)

I have worked solidly, non-stop on my computer all day long.  I do not normally do this as I have other tasks, plus I am not always this busy.  I had to dig out my wrist support from some RSI problems I had a few years ago for all of my day long mousing! I probably should not even by typing anymore either but I need to make a post.  Ah, yes! Blog365!

My elbow then became really sore so I was trying to find something “cushy” to put under it.  Oh, pointy little elbow! You match my pointy head *laughing* I have some funny, stuffed “toys” on my desk but no! Don’t squish my toys! I grabbed my mittens and somehow tried to fold or place them into a ridiculous, makeshift pillow.  This became an even more ridiculous solution had I actually needed to move to do any other work.

Am I simply tired or is my body falling apart? I am turning 38 in roughly a week.  Am I actually turning 88?

You should see my desk *laughing more* It is completely shambolic all the time anyway but now? Oh, I think it’s the best I’ve ever done at displaying complete chaos! I’m rather proud, actually *grin* I wish I had my digital camera here to capture it for all of you.  However, that would indicate where I work due to certain things so…no photo.  Gee, that’s really too bad.

They used to send out emails about keeping our workspaces tidy and all of that.  I haven’t seen one in ages.  Could it be because of me? After my managers constantly twitching for too long when looking at the disastrous state of affairs every time they walked by my workstation, maybe they just gave up all hope.  By comparison, everyone else’s workstations are quite fine.

They know I’m a great, big mental case too.  Perhaps they are letting it all go to treat me gently and not “throw me over the edge.”  If so, that is very kind and I do appreciate their thoughts and efforts to try and help me maintain my sanity in the workplace.

Admittedly, my desk status has worsened over time.  Hmmm.  And I did become quite mental last spring, went into hospital and was away from work for a significant period of time.  Truly out of my tree, I was! Maybe they are seeing some kind of parallel between my mental decline and my desk decline.  Hey, maybe there is a parallel!

Well, if that is the case…wow, after a day like today they really are lucky I didn’t set my desk on fire!