Getting My Bio Together…And Calling And Old Friend For “Permission” *laughing*

It’s funny the things you forget over the years. Well, not really if you’re PA. Bad memory all around and it doesn’t have to necessarily do with years!

While on vacation I looked up some ideas and sample bios for unpublished writers for my next submission. They’re asking for one up front. I mentioned before that I basically only knew what to put in the first sentence (and then completely degraded myself for not being published and having terrible writing.)

Well, the first thing I had forgotten was that I co-led a writing group several years ago and I am basically still a member of it–even if it’s now only in virtual form. I could still go back to attend the group sessions at any time but I once saw my ex-partner before ex-partner (that latter I always talk about) respond. Not good. Ex-partner before ex-partner became a bit “stalkerish” so obviously I want nothing to do with her. I do not know if she attends the groups but I’m not taking any chances.

Alright. Something good to mention there.

Now the friend. Heh. I met her many years ago. 12 years? She’s a filmmaker. Was? Regardless, she is no longer working as one. Still, when I met her she was in the industry working on a film. I “helped” her. To what degree exactly I’m not sure, but she did give me a film credit in the closing under “Research.” That’s pretty cool. Let’s toss that in.

I called her today just to ask her if I could mention it. I mean, it’s the polite thing to do, right? Almost like asking if you can use someone as a reference on a job resume–not that they’ll be confirming my bio? I haven’t spoken to her in a few years but she called me right back today!


*PA reflects upon the entire history of relationship*

Don’t worry. She’s getting there–to a degree anyway–12 years is a lot to cover.

Another thing I wanted to ask about that might be semi-bogus (but pad that bio!) is that one night (perhaps after a bottle of wine and maybe some pot) she whipped out a portion of her script and asked me to have a look. She was always very supportive of my writing and said that it was not her strong suit at all, being more visually inclined. I think I may have reviewed some continuity issues, maybe a bit of dialogue but definitely grammar, basic structure etc…!

I also tore apart her website both in terms of design (even though I’m not great in that area) but, again, definitely all of the writing. I went through it with a fine-toothed comb! Of course, this was much to the chagrin of her website creator/designer. I had met him prior to that and when I saw him again after the suggestions I had made, I received quite a chilly reception.

However, my filmmaker friend absolutely loved the work I did. He was getting paid and I wasn’t, though. Because of that, there may have been some disagreement and I don’t know if any of the changes I suggested were ever implemented. Again, I can’t remember! Perhaps some were.

Anyway, we spoke on the phone today and she was all for it! Say whatever the hell I wanted to about my involvement in the film *laughing* She also was happy to hear that I was writing again and sending out submissions–and she again told me that I was such a great writer. We caught up a bit and I made the offer for her to call me if she wanted to get together in the (near) future.

Okay, now for the personal stuff. I don’t know if this “helped” her film or not (doubtful–it’s a joke, people) but we sort of became a bit *sigh*…romantically, emotionally, sexually entangled? Well, at least I sure did! Oh god, I fell in love with her. And she’s not gay. I guess you could say that she was somewhat bisexual…well…”briefly?” And with me? And only with me. And very briefly.

I’m such a dope, too. I mean, I really don’t know when women are interested in me. They practically have to walk across the room and start making out with me! No, really! For all the flirting that PA does, she really can not perceive it when it is directed back at her unless it is extremely, blatantly obvious.

And speaking of poor perception, PA found out about this several years later from a mutual friend of both hers and this woman’s. She was absolutely stunned! Hats off to her filmmaker friend! Little PA was seduced and she didn’t even know it! Oh, I told you…I can be very dimwitted in the romance department!

I was invited to a party she was having and yes, of course, I was attracted to her. I’m quite sure she knew that. Well, obviously she did! I stayed until the very end after everyone left because I was completely entranced, also in the midst of Bipolar (hypo)mania land and well…all of the sudden…how did I end up in her bed?! And it wasn’t like I hadn’t slept with women before or hadn’t had any relationships with them!

So yes. Years later PA was told from their mutual friend that crazy filmmaker friend had actually asked him: “Do you think if I invite PA to the party she’d sleep with me?”

BWAH-HA-HA! I laughed so hard. He was like, “I don’t know!” And yes, they both knew I was gay.

However, it really wasn’t all fun and games. No, unrequited love is never fun. On the contrary, it is quite painful. She also had a very…how shall I say it? Let’s just leave it at “a harsh side?” My love for her carried on for a long time as well. She is extremely beautiful and charismatic. Ugh. Those days were sheer torture!

Ah well, PA never shuts a door, burns a bridge and all of that. After speaking to her today (and such a rapid response!) I am quite sure we will be back in touch. Another odd thing that might ensure that: she always wanted to stay in contact with me and spend time together when I was single or in between relationships. When I was with someone, she’d disappear. She knows that PA and ex-partner broke up…

*PA shakes head*

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