Blogging On My Day Off

No, I’m at work. And it’s been one wild day, let me tell you that!

What I am actually talking about (writing?…oh, whatever…I’m tired) is our Blog365 “Day Off.” Yes, they so benevolently gave us February 29 off because it is a Leap Year! I wonder how many of us out there are not taking the day off. An email was even sent out to us all to not blog.

Well, why stop? We’re all bonkers for taking on this task, anyway? Ah, yes…we were also told not to blog about not blogging. Well, you know damn well that everyone (or at least the majority of us boneheads) are going to be blogging about “not blogging on our day off!”

Again, we’re all idiots for doing this in the first place!

Okay, enough of putting down the Blog365’ers. We’re a good bunch.

You can join these groups on the site, you can “friend” people on your own page (although it’s not as crazy as Facebook… ) However, I know nothing really of Facebook as I don’t like it, will never use it…pah! Not that I’m self-righteous or anything. And you know I’m not some kind of Luddite! I blog, I love my Mac toys etc… I just have no use for Facebook.

However, if you want to see something entertaining about it, check out this on fishwithoutbicycle’s blog. *smirk*

I guess that’s it then. I’m blogging when I needn’t be. Facebook is something I don’t give a toss about. My back is killing me and I need a massage as I just commented back to tracy in my last post.

Oh, I didn’t mention that last part before but it’s true.

Until the morrow, then.

  1. I’m not blogging today.

    And I’m pondering not continuing with Blog 365. In the “old days” I usually blogged every day, but now that I HAVE to, it’s not quite the same… I’ll continue to ponder…

    (I am commenting on a blog. But that’s not blogging. Is it? ;) )


  2. Thanks for the shout out darling!!


  3. Hi Rebecca, well, that’s one person who’s taking a break! I wonder who else might be considering dropping the whole Blog365 thing as well. Now that you “HAVE” to, is the pressure too much?

    I think commenting is alright. They didn’t mention anything about that!

    Hi fishwithoutbicycle, not a problem dearie. I just thought it would tie in. I was going to blog more about Blog365 and the site. There are also message boards for your groups. There is a “Megafeed” which is exactly as it sounds. When you sign up, you give them your RSS feed and then you’re in.

    Your posts show up on the Blog365 site and then any Blog365’ers (and I think anyone in the internet universe) can sign up for the feed itself?

    Good grief. You would be inundated! Like having to post everyday, keep up with regular reads (which I am ultimately failing to do already) and then all the Blog365 posts!

    Even if you weren’t a member of Blog365…madness!

    I wonder how long it would take before you went blind from staring at your computer screen for so long?


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