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I was sick over the weekend and as a result, haven’t had a chance to catch up on any “news items” such as this lovely piece of work. I linked to a blog as, well…shameful as it is, I kind of don’t want it to sink into the archives as some of the other charming “news stories” that I’ve occasionally mentioned.

So erm…yes. This woman had to yank out her goddamn nipple ring with a set of–believe it or not–pliers. Yes, how does that “grab” you? They set off a metal detector at the airport and they wouldn’t let her board the plane. She did manage to get the one out but the other was being a bit stubborn?

Now, I don’t have any piercings. Well, my ears are pierced but I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually even bothered to put a pair of earrings in. Beyond that? Body piercings really aren’t for me and I can’t imagine having my nipples pierced (or anything else!) as it would really hurt? And yanking something out of my breast with a tool that they may have just used to repair that 767 sitting out on the tarmac?

Well, I suppose having your bellybutton pierced may not be that bad. And yes…she was allowed to get on with that. Uh huh.

So your tits are a danger but your stomach is okay.

Fuck, I have a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth at the front. It’s left over from when I was a teenager and it was a quickie preventative measure as I had braces on the top. By having the bonded retainer “installed” (it’s basically a small metal wire on the back of my teeth!) I wouldn’t need braces. Well…if they need me to remove it because my teeth are a danger… Whoa, I’m pretty well screwed, chewed and barbecued! I need a dentist to help do that!

A set of pliers? My teeth?

I change my mind. I’d rather rip out my nipple rings in front of the whole bloody airport on Christmas Day than try and remove my bonded retainer with a set of pliers!

Still, not to make light…this whole thing is so out of control.

I met up with ex-partner this afternoon.  Primarily to do my taxes.  Actually, it was kind of funny as she found a bunch of stuff that was mine that I had left there when I moved out.  Huh.  Okay.  I’m sort of wondering if there are more things hidden or maybe even sitting out, right in plain sight.  Probably?

While there, I tried to get her broken printer up and running (I swear to bloody hell, who is not having computer problems these days?) It’s a piece of shite and it’s just dead.  She told me in utter frustration that she had given up all hope as far as the crappy Dell desktop we bought and is going to buy a Mac *laughing*  I had been urging her to do this for some time.  I just gave her a sly look and told her not to spill anything on it!

So we decided to go for brunch.  A belated birthday celebration.  Thank you, ex-partner…  Again…so blessed to have maintained the friendship after the bust up.  Now that is love in my books.

We caught up on all the gossip (okay, news) in mostly her world but it was my world for a while too.  Some gossip (okay, news) in my world as well.  Lots of laughs all around but some real shockers also! However, because we know and understand each other so well (and all of the other people) it was just a constant, babbling brook, peppered with lots of:

“Oh yeah!” “Oh, my god!” “Are you kidding?” “Oh, I know…!” “Oh, absolutely!” “HA! THAT is TOO funny!”

Yes, you get the picture…

I’m not sure when we’re going to see each other again.  She has a lot of business travel plans coming up over the next month.  So…probably not until May.  Kind of a drag but well…not much I can do.  I’ll take what I can get.

I wasn’t home during “the time” so I guess I did my part kids, by default?

I’m always energy conscious anyway but for this “thing…?”

Am I cynical or is this whole Earth Hour…?

Sorry. I mean, fuck. Conserve your power all the time, turn your lights off when you’re not using them…

Okay…fair enough…let’s keep making our “Global Statements.”

Even if it just means turning your lights off for an hour for one day of the year?

So I dragged my sorry arse all the way down there…oops, no…it cost transit fare as well as the booze. I lied.

The fucking tech didn’t finish the order so the hard drive, broken parts…nothing…no information could be released. WTF? When I spoke to him yesterday, I told him I would come down today (well, I was sick but that I probably would?) Still, our conversation was that it was fucked, fried, this is what needed to be done, sell, sell, sell! Well, how am I supposed to buy and dump my (hopefully as you said functioning hard drive) onto a new MacBook if you don’t complete the order.

The tech guy who was working said it’s still lying there wide open, looking untouched… What? Did he come up with some magical solution to fix it that he didn’t tell me about? I never received a follow up call! He did say he tried before but nope, nothing could be done.

So I strolled into the sales area. As I suspected, the only “deals” were on MacBook Pros. Gimme a break, PA! No, just get the same model.

I can’t talk to my “tech” until Monday and I can’t get back to the store because of their hours until at least Thursday because of my work hours. And even then…I might be able to squeeze in two hours with them? At this point, something tells me it’s going to take a helluva lot more time to get this all sorted than that!

And now? I am actually expecting my hard drive to be fried just like the board. Yes. Hope for the best, but EXPECT the worst. Especially now?

I was trying to gauge my face throughout the entire endeavor.

  1. At The Service Desk: Pissed Off, Frustrated.
  2. In The Store (with sales boy, half my age who knew nothing…) hmmm okay: Pissed Off, Frustrated
  3. On The Way Home: Stunned, Maniacally Insane, When Finally Getting Home To My Neighbourhood, I Started Laughing…
  4. Into The Pub (NOT “The Scene Of The Crime”) At First “Sane Face,” but then a partial quote from one of my favourite movies: ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’: “…your face looks like a cat’s ass…” Well, I don’t think my face was all that tight and squeezed up but it was definitely, droopy, dopey, grumpy and pouty. Okay, we’ve got a couple of the Seven Dwarfs in there but maybe we can rename a couple of the others?

I spoke to a couple of my servers. Yes…being a regular I “own” them all. Again, just like everyone else…la la la…I’ve told: agog, gobsmacked…let’s now add aghast?

One who is my favourite, who has always given me the best service since I moved back here (I lived in this area for several years after vacating to live with ex-partner) asked me if I was going to get the guy who spilled the beer to pay. I said that no, it was an accident so I would pay myself. She said that was “good karma.”

*PA shakes head*

She is a love. She told me about a whole whack of financial shit that she went through (that I had been through years before) so I could definitely empathize.

Yes, so apart from some stress relief that any (non)self-respecting drinker would do, I popped in to tell them that they may not be seeing me for a while. I need to save my pennies.

And yes, I finished off in my occasional grand fashion. A double Stoli neat.

Now I just have to wait for ex-partner to call to do my/our taxes. Probably just mine. She’ll do hers later on her own time, I suspect. Then she suggested dinner. Cool. PA always needs to eat. I’m wondering if I’ll need to make that trek all the way to where I used to live. That’ll be a bugger with all of this booze in me. And I was just thinking of making a tea. I know she’ll drive me home afterward…I don’t know if she’ll pick me up


This is nuts. I promise (I’ll try?) to stop blogging about my computer woes…I will really try…I will…

EDIT: Ex-partner just called. She’s tired. She wants me to come over tomorrow. Okie dokie, dahling. Maybe I’ll go say “goodbye” to my “other” neighbourhood pub. I suck. This situation sucks (I know…you are SO fucking tired of me whining…)


So I’m going to drag my semi-sorta-sickly-self down to the damn computer shop and see what kind of trouble I can or will get into. I’m feeling so out of it–my current earworm is “You Give Me Fever” by Peggy Lee (or the cover by Madonna, if you prefer.) I spent the majority of yesterday in bed and slept for about 12 hours last night/this morning. I’m still very tired but to hell with it. I’m just waiting for my laundry to finish and then take a shower so I don’t look like…?

However, because I feel like I’ve just been teleported home from some third world country, still suffering from dysentery, I might end up going a bit mad and buy who knows what? A brand new MacBook Pro which is really more than I need but pretty! I also NOW must buy the damn external hard drive that I’ve been too arsed to do and they have a deal where if you buy a new MacBook–half price off a laptop bag! More protection as I am now growing a bit paranoid. What else can I buy? Do they sell MacBook condoms to keep them totally dry?

And speaking of “dry,” I was thinking that maybe I do owe “beer-spilling guy” a small favour.  Because it happened in a bar, I was drinking and this is going to involve a fair amount of money this may somehow help with my alcoholism or pseudo-alcoholism or whatever. I am going to have to be pretty tight with the spending now.  No more pubbing?

One reason I will need to save is that I finally heard back from my Canadian ex-pat friend R. in London. He never got my first email which is strange but good as I was starting to feel like he was ignoring little PA!

He is not coming “home” for the summer and we are talking about going “somewhere” then. Granted it is in the summer. So I need to start thinking about that. I can’t remember how much it cost us to tour Italy about three years ago. And I did fly over and spend a week in London with him beforehand.


I called ex-partner and I goofed about my taxes but we’re going to do them anyway. The cut off for filing is actually the end of next month. The cut off for certain investing is the end of this month. No matter. I told her of all this mess and we laughed at the irony of it happening during tax filing season. She also was gobsmacked and thought it was right fucked.

Again, let’s hope that my hard drive is all sound. Apart from my writing I realized that my iTunes will all be blasted out to space. Perhaps still salvageable as I recall using my iPod as a hard drive on its own when I transferred everything over from our Dell desktop to baby MacBook when I bought it. Or, there is cheapie software out there that you can buy to back up your iPod. Or…? Would it work to somehow back up you iPod on your external hard drive and then load it on to iTunes? Fuck me, I am so computer stupid! I still have all of my other software on DVDs so that I could load without a problem.

Okay, my laundry is finished cooking. I think.

*PA runs off to check dryer*

Okay, all good, grab one pair of jeans–will fold rest later. I need more tea to get this stupid brain in gear. Like I said above, I am in rough shape. I might just buy out the entire store and maybe a new iPod as well since I was bitching about my ailing battery a while back. At least the beer didn’t soak that too *laughing* Yes, I was listening to music on that to conserve battery power on baby MacBook.

Oh yes…it’s only money, as they say!

*PA pads off to make another tea*

Okay, where we? Off in dumbland…

I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll be back to let you know what I bought…groan…


Yep. Only option is to really buy a new baby MacBook. Case top lifted: liquid. Board: liquid. So goddamn much beer the fan was apparently spraying it around like a bloody fountain!

We talked about price of repair costs vs. buying an entire new machine and well…it might be marginally cheaper to do repairs but really. Why buy refurbished when for just a little bit more, you can buy new?! Even if the refurbished is your own little sweetheart.

And apparently my hard drive is fine. It can be hauled out and can get dumped into the new machine. Hey, then I have a spare fucking hard drive??

Next, as I mentioned at the beginning of this drama (if any of you are still following along and if so are still awake…) my home insurance. Guess what??? If you get the correct answer you win a broken MacBook!

So, there you go. I need to go out and buy a new baby. Well, ironically I suppose I don’t as I have my museum piece that I am currently working on in the middle of my flat on the floor. But let’s be realistic. Escher’s friend had to yank so much off it to get it running up to decent standards… It’s a fucking G3! Oddly enough, it’s running OSX but I couldn’t load it up with all of my other stuff and…gah.

And it’s not a MacBook *PA hangs head*

So in the end, what’s the point? Wait a bit? Bite the bullet and just buy one now? Either way it’s going to cost me. At least the guy told me that I can transfer over my existing AppleCare so I won’t have to pay for THAT again! And since the AppleCare warranty clock is just ticking away…I might as well apply it to something…even if it seems to be as useless as my home insurance.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and I’ll head down to see them and figure something out. Maybe I can even swing some kind of deal or something re: baby MacBook’s parts if any are still alright. Not to mention when he spoke of the store’s deals and they’d do my data swap etc… Sure, I could go “shopping.” It might even be interesting as I have a bit–just a bit–of a corporate discount with Apple. It might give me a bit of leverage…

Well…I think…hopetofuckinggod…we’re done?

*PA recalls looking at her bank balance yesterday in preparation for this*

*PA tries to do math in head for total costs*

*PA gives up*

You know, “If you can’t afford to break it or lose it; don’t buy it!” I’ve said that a lot. It’s hard. I think that’s why I was so reluctant to even buy baby MacBook in the first place. I have a terrible time spending money on myself. I never grew up with (m)any possessions and now, here I am, practically bleeding for all of you all over the screen because my fucking computer died?!

Excuse me. Something seems a little wrong here? Is it really the end of the world??? Yes, it is upsetting but at least I can afford to buy a computer–or two as the case may be?

Still… I must say I am rather unhappy. However, that is life at times: unhappy. Quite.

Ah yes…and I need to get my taxes done this weekend too…

Ugh. Money, money, money…

Alright, sitting here typing away with either the keyboard on my lap or on the floor (where my ass is planted) is not good. This fucking hurts. Quit complaining PA…at least you’re still wired at home…

Which is good because PA just logged on to her work account to change her outgoing email message to say she’s sick. Of course! Baby MacBook is sick, PA’s sick…let’s ALL get sick! Maybe the stress of this made me completely crash out and my body is–oh dear–here we go with the puns again: “crash.” Yes, I’ve had a crash too.

Anyway, I walked into the shop, all cool as a cucumber and the tech was great. I mean, geek circles are cool aren’t they? I had my Adobe ball cap on for a change (not my Mac one but that’s good–probably would have been overkill there) so I looked like I fit right in.

Geek circles are like mentalist circles. We all are quirky and weird and we understand what it feels like to…well anyone out there who is a member of either (or both!) will understand.

So all went off without a hitch. I brought all of my AppleCare documentation, proof of purchase with S/N etc… He checked it out and got the same results as me, of course. The battery is fine and receiving power so he said it is probably the circuit board–not the hard drive. This would make sense. It would be like pouring beer (or any other liquid) all over your open and ungrounded wiring in your house–lights out!

Although one interesting thing. I did, at a couple of points, manage to get the OS to start loading. Did I “finish the job” with the circuit board? Maybe by frying it up a bit more I burned away some of the beer evidence, if any?

Circuit board–fine. Hard drive…well rare but shit. Not fine!

I also mentioned a couple of “sticky keys?” Apparently that is an entirely new top unit from Apple. He added that to the work order *laughing* Whee! Go…AppleCare! At this point, I even told him about my wacky CD burning problems and oooohhhh deeaaarrr I hope I won’t have to come back and see you for that!

So going forward based upon his assumption, he said it shouldn’t be a problem and yes…under warranty…parts will take 1-2 business days? They are going to call me today just to confirm and/or let me know if there’s anything else? I gave them my work number too… *sigh* Oh well…check voicemail?

I feel bad about lying for my warranty but fuck, you know? I mean, that’s why you have warranties! And I made a decision in my head that even if I had to pay for anything, I wasn’t going to go after the guy. It was an accident. Does that balance out karmically?

So I should know exactly how it’s all going to work out sometime today. I’m still wondering when they open it up what they’re going to find. If they do find anything, will they care? Will they just put it through under warranty anyway? Will they act like greedy mechanics that charge outrageous prices for hourly labour services if they find anything “untoward?”


Okay, I’m going to lie down now, I guess. I’m all dizzy. That’s generally my “can not go to work indicator.” I’ve felt pretty crappy with bugs you pick up but when trying to become ambulatory is far worse than with my normal degree of Anticonvulsant clumsiness–stay home, PA…

Yes…I know…you care.  I can tell by your responses.  Just kidding.  Really, I haven’t even bothered to check my stats to see who’s even looked.  It was actually nice to respond to another blogger that had something more important than technology and my…argh…

…to discuss.

I did have a post planned.  Provided I could do what I did and have done.  I’m sitting  on the floor working off an “Indigo” iMac if you remember those? Yes, I have a relic that works. I was happy that, at least as soon as I got it fired up, I could download Firefox (god knows how on this thing…) because Safari sucks.  Anyway…at least I have a lifeline from home for now…but I won’t need it for that long…that’s my pissy post but PA…

…she’s just wrecked because of the entire incident and that is STUPID and THAT was the original intent of this post and that is making her FEEL STUPID.


I can’t stand it.  I’m leaving work in about an hour.  This is actually making me ill.  I am going home to check baby MacBook and if it’s not working, I’m taking it directly to the shop.

And going to play dumb.

As completely stupid and fucking dumb as I absolutely bloody well am.

I had a good afternoon yesterday. I took it off as I had to go see Merlin #1. Even though I’m still wearing my long underwear it was nice and sunny and I could even undo and take off my anorak. I stopped off at a coffee shop to kill time and work on a short story I had all but abandoned. I got home early and still felt like enjoying the daylight. I still felt motivated to write and not being stuck in my flat so I skipped into a pub for a drink.

Can you see it coming? Can you start to feel the pain?

Some guy walked past me and knocked over my beer. Broken glass, beer all over me and baby MacBook. A stream of expletives shot out of me and several people around who either saw it happen or didn’t were completely agog and gobsmacked. I swear, one woman couldn’t pick up her jaw off the floor for at least 20 minutes?

I know the guy. J. He’s an odd cat. A real loner and I don’t want to call him a “loser” but… *sigh* I demanded his personal information as I kept yelling that he just might owe me a new computer. He gave it to me.

So I sat and had another drink (obviously–not because he spilled it but because I fucking needed it as I didn’t know whether to burst into tears or kill someone–or both.)

I then went home and just let it “dry out.” This morning, I gave it a bit of a clean and tried to power it up. At first, it all looked good. It started loading the OS, everything running but then as soon as I tried to mouse the screen went down–and it wouldn’t mouse. The power was still flowing through to the machine but it sounded like it was a jumbo jet ready to take off from the runway. It’s still at home…drying out. I got a bit of water on the keyboard and screen before (and this was where the beer ended up) and it was fine, again, after letting it dry, but THIS IS FUCKING BEER! And it was a lot more than the water.

When I got to work, I immediately emailed Mac Guru. Same? Dry out and see? I can try that when I get home again but according to AppleCare they do not cover “damages.” Of course. I checked this. He told me to just take it in and play dumb. He says they are good. I’m wondering just how bloody sealed baby MacBook is and if they do take it apart, are they going to find everything all sticky. So far, with my clean up the only thing is one side of my mousing tab isn’t so “clicky.” The rest of the keys are fine. However, if I can get it up and running, will they actually work at all?!

So there you have it. I feel like utter shite. Perhaps I am utter shite for even taking the damn thing there in the first place but I’ve done it before.

And oh, the irony. I was going to go out and pick up an external hard drive over the weekend?

I do not know. I suppose at worst if it’s completely FUBAR and I can’t get whatever needed through AppleCare, it may cost me a lot in repairs? Well, no. Worst case scenario is, it is completely FUBAR and I need to buy a new MacBook. Goodbye a large portion of my savings account. Check my home insurance coverage? Is that FUBAR too? At best, it will be fine and I could just take it in for a proper clean up and general maintenance check?

I feel like I’m going to be sick.