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Day Three 98/03/18 0820hrs

Unfortunately things got a bit busy last night. That didn’t allow for any writing.

After we got back from crowded, hot, sticky St. John’s we popped back into the ocean for a luxurious cool down. A strange thing happened when we did. It actually started to rain rather hard. All around us was sun and blue sky and yet a large, slightly, dark grey cloud loomed above us with a shower. I was touched by a fish, too!

The rain continued for a bit. It rained quite heavily late last night. That combined with the lizards and tree frogs caused quite a peaceful discord.

There was a party for members of the club at Colombo’s (Edit: this was the name of the bar at the timeshare) last night. We were supplied with one free drink! I didn’t really speak to anyone and haven’t really desired to. I probably won’t (Edit: I had to think a bit why I wrote this and it was probably because most of the people there were older with children. I may have found them rather boring and pretentious, perhaps, as this was a timeshare for wealthy people.)

I shared a cab ride (and flight too, I suppose) with a nice family from (Edit: location and names deleted.) They didn’t have much to say (Edit: and bloody well, neither did I! I hate talking to strangers on flights!) I find (for obvious reasons) I do not have much in common with the other guests (Edit: see above. Did my age really have anything to do with it…? Maybe it was because I was “feeling especially gay” *laughing*–see Part Two–maybe there was still some of my residual shyness coming through but nope…I was in my Bipolar (hypo)manic days. The Major Crash hadn’t hit yet so I was not depressed. I was possibly bored because there was no one to party with…ah…could be…later entries?)

I did meet one interesting woman. V. who works in the bar here. She’s from England (Edit for humour: now you see people!!! This has been an ongoing theme in my life FOREVER!!!) and has lived here for 13 years. C. (Edit: the father) immediately suggested I should speak to her when I arrived. Apparently C. said she was looking at me as I walked away from the bar wearing one of my spandex jumpsuits (Edit: C. and I met in the Fetish/SM scene…we brought some of our fun clothes with us! Again, why to Antigua? Why not?!) We smiled at each other and maybe even flirted. I chose to stay in the bar that night a little bit later… (Edit: you see? Bipolar hypersexuality, perhaps? PA’s trying to get lucky…yeah, baby!)

V. and I talked for about two hours. A few others came and went but we always seemed to keep smiling at each other. I’m such an awful flirt. Oh well, it’s not like I’ll ever see her again. I’m not sure if she’s straight or bi. She seems quite open as she did not flinch when I told her I was gay and into the Fetish/SM scene. Let’s hear it for shock value again! (Edit: OMG. Can you believe that paragraph? More Bipolar? What do we have here? Some grandiosity? Gee…I wonder?)

I returned back to the cottage around 2300. Everyone else had gone to bed. I climbed into bed with M. Thank god he’s a sound sleeper. However, I was very quiet.

The kids are still persistently inquisitive but I don’t mind. I just supply them with fairly honest answers and they seem to accept what I have to say. M. is so unique (Edit: I know. Crap grammar. You can’t modify unique.) Well, they all are. Still, he’s a pretty sensitive little guy.¹

I awoke yesterday morning to feel his large, brown eyes penetrating me. I haven’t woken up to that in a while! He said to me with such, sweet incredulity: “I thought you were going to sleep forever!” It was only after 0800hrs.¹

Today was even earlier, around 0700hrs. Weary after my bar exploits. I didn’t have that much to drink (Edit: bullshit PA. I think I keep repeating this throughout the entries but since I was so crazy I’m sure I was drinking like a fish while there!) However, the heat and fresh ocean air tends to debilitate one but in a rather pleasurable way.

As far as G. (Edit: eldest girl) and V. (Edit: youngest girl) go, they’re a lot more hyper. V. is absolutely brilliant. She is amazingly perceptive and asks a lot of probing questions. She was very interested in this book so I explained what I was doing. We had a wonderful talk about poetry and I taught her some examples (Haiku and Rhyming Couplet.)

G. is more troublesome. A bit of an instigator but C. can get her back down to earth. All in all, they’re okay and I’m getting used to our “little family” and my questionable role as a possible surrogate mother.

¹ – I’ll get a bit more into this later but M. (the son of the three children) has Asperger’s.  I did not know this at the time but figured it out on my own years later.

However, in looking back, I think it explains some of his behaviour during the trip and how we related to each other.  The one example above (the fascination and focus with me sleeping–then as soon as I woke up, off he dashed!) And one other entry I made regarding how we got along and connected.  Not to mention, he wanted me alone as his wee bed partner.  Like attracts, like?

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