The Antigua Diaries – Part Four

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Day Three 98/03/18 1410hrs

It has started raining again. Just a brief shower lasting only a couple of minutes. Very refreshing.

I have contacted E.¹ We will be going out tonight. He suggested staying in English Harbour which isn’t really what I had wanted to do but I’m sure we’ll have fun anyway.

I went to Nelson’s Dockyard briefly for more money. I wanted to take some more pictures but V.² (the man I met earlier) followed me, I think. I told him I had wanted a boat tour of the area. He gladly obliged. Since he was free and seemed eager to please, I took him up on his offer then and there, Nelson’s Dockyard temporarily forgotten.

We tooted around in the motorboat, small outboard engine, low horsepower. He took me for a long ride. I wonder if it was longer than he should have! In total, about 45 minutes.

We left our/Nelson’s area and veered far off into the ocean, ending up in Falmouth Harbour. Upon our return, we hit some pretty rough waves…my ass is so sore! I even fell off my seat and onto the floor of the boat! Thankfully he didn’t lose me!

I tried to take some nice shots. It was kind of hard considering the size of the boat and that we were out in somewhat of a small craft warning.

My chauffeur (or helmsman, I suppose) is very sweet, polite, funny and intelligent. He is 29 years old (Edit: I was 28 at this time.) On our tour, he showed me his home from the water’s edge and his favourite place to go snorkeling. He also showed me a great place to sit upon the rocks and fish.

He is teased constantly when we are together. His peers tell him to, “Be careful!” and “Take it easy!” and the like. An older woman asked him in a thick and heavy accent (Edit: i.e. local Antiguan to the island, not all carried accents to that degree) if I was his girlfriend.³ He just laughed and said he didn’t care what other people said or thought. I like him. He’s cute.

¹ – This is kind of interesting. E. was a Canadian ex-pat living in Antigua that someone I knew from work, used to work with him. He said he would contact him, let him know I was coming over and when I got there, “just give him a call!” Okay…

Now, in Part Two, do you recall one word I used to describe Antigua for ex-pats? It was “Rich.” At the time, E. was the CEO of what is now The Largest Accounting Firm In.The.World. Well the CEO of the Antiguan branch, of course. And don’t bother trying to Google him–he’s no longer there.

So…erm…yes. I am to contact a wealthy CEO when I arrive who is just as much a total stranger to me as I am to him.

² – V. worked at the resort/timeshare and was responsible for various duties.

³ – She was only kidding! She knew I was a tourist/guest of the resort! The local Antiguans were absolutely lovely and so friendly!

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