I do not know if am largely suffering from “Comma Trauma” or am really just becoming completely drained from “Comma Drama.”

Note: for the second expression you need to sound like you are from Britain. Even better if you have a really posh sounding accent!

I am still working on my writing submission. Yes, everyone…arsey PA has not yet sent it to the prospective Publisher *laughing* Not that she has any chance of it getting published anyway *rolls eyes* Still, the clock is ticking and time is running out!

Ever since the weekend, I have been agonizing over one phrase. That is correct. However, I don’t think this is particularly odd amongst writers (not that I am…ahem…a writer.)

No. It is not odd. It is merely, shall we say, extremely painful. Although, it did provide a short hiatus from Comma,Trauma,Drama,,,,, I think I now have “the phrase” right.

I receive emails from “A Word A Day” (see my sidebar under “Diversions.”) It can be kind of fun. Occasionally, I might even know the word! But not often as that’s sort of the idea, correct? They tend to have themes for the week and this week’s is 14-letter words.

One of them so far has been: tintinnabulate!

Oooh! Isn’t that a goodie! It means basically to ring. Like a bell. Well good, bloody god my submission sure is making my head tintinnabulate–like nothing else! It’s been tintinnabulating like crazy over the last little while!

Yes, some fun words, indeed. I’ve sent some to my blog address as I receive them at my work address and have thought about how they could prove useful for some posts. But wow…not so good for any of my submissions! I’d be the “Queen of Purple Prose!”

Still, such florid writing can be fun. I’m sure a few or many of you may have heard of the notorious Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest? That is the Wiki link but here is the one to the actual contest site. I really should enter that one next time around.

So, I guess I should look at it just one more time and then send it off? Oh, I could edit something to death! Again, probably nothing that odd for anyone who writes.

It really is starting to get a little out of hand. I’m really tired today, however! I brought MacBook into work with me to (again…) reread it but it was so busy, I never got a chance! All I really feel like doing is going home and crawling back into bed.

I’m not making excuses. I swear. This whole thing is actually starting to grate on my nerves. Maybe I should just not look at it and email it straight away to the Publishing House the minute I get home *PA laughs maniacally*

Oh, no. That would not be good. I have to look at it more. I really, really do. Yes, I do.

Can anyone out there hear my head starting to tintinnabulate like crazy again?

  1. simonelli

    Good luck with your submission. As far as favourite words are concerned, I find that single syllable ones are best. Don’t you just love the sound of ‘glib’? You can say it over and over again and enjoy it each time. Glib.


  2. I like tintinnabulate, it’s a word that sounds like its meaning :-)


  3. Hi simonelli,welcome as I know I haven’t seen you here before! I just went over to your site so I will definitely have to go back and review it.

    Thank you for wishing me good luck. I’m sure I’ll need it–lots of it??? Oh, dear. We are our own worst critics, aren’t we? And I self-deprecate to the extreme but it’s always in fun on my blog.

    I do agree with you about monosyllabic words and their “repeatability.” Certainly easier as you won’t get “tongue tied?”

    “Glib.” That’s an interesting one. I’m almost verging on my response fishwithoutbicycle but it kind of sounds like you’re completely mumbling incomprehensibly about nothing after a while in your repetition. Or maybe it’s just me?!

    I often (or have) repeated words like that in my head over and over and I find that after a while, it’s almost like they lose their meaning altogether! I don’t know if anyone else does this or I am just bizarre. Well, the latter does hold true but on this point–am I more bizarre than I already am?

    Hi fishwithoutbicycle. So you think we’ve got a bit of onomatopoeia going on? I hadn’t really thought of that. Perhaps it’s because the “tins” may sound like “tings,” or something? And then “ting” rhymes with “ring?” Hmmm…

    I’m trying to think…anything else? Well, “abulate” is a portion of “tabulate” and my math skills are abhorrent! That will get my head tintinnabulating like I’m ringing the biggest bell on earth right in the tower itself *laughing*


  4. Deb

    I love learning and using new words.


  5. Hi Deb, good to see you! Yes, learning new words is great. Sometimes what I find is the hardest, is trying to remember all of those great new words that you pick up!


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