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PA always takes requests for MP Of The Moment but well…she never gets them.

But Gabriel… from …salted lithium (check sidebar running out of battery…sorry…can’t hyperlink…part of problem!)

I have done a few things remotely with crazy free wifi (i.e. not in a “hotspot.”)

Right now, I am in a pub and I have responded to some emails and yes, I have done some blogging and things like that (before) but I have never tried to FTP or stream a song.

Uh huh.

Indeed. Yes…how would that work from some signal floating through the air to my cyber-lovey that gives me free space on his server so far away to keep playing my music that you either hate, love or are totally are indifferent to…?

Well, in typical scientific PA fashion…let’s give a go. It was, fucking hilarious. I kept looking at this little blue inchworm. Okay. So who is competing? The FTP inchworm of a song or my battery? Or the internet signal for that matter? Bloody hell. And the time is hysterical too. It does lie. It kept saying…two hours to download. Good grief.

No, it didn’t two hours *laughing* Cyberduck pulled through and so did my lovey’s server and so the bloody hell did my floaty free internet in my neighbourhood.

They have a band coming into the pub now. That doesn’t please me as I’m listening to my iPod, tying this up and it’s going to get LOUD! One of my favourite servers here (bless) took me into a nice corner nook that might(?) provide me a bit of a space? Or less space (better…nice to hide away?)

Nonetheless, I’ve got to get wee Gabriel’s song up that means some widgetry… So draft this to make sure…power still okay, so I think I can do it…

Three…two…one…LET’S, GO!

Love you Gabe and my unbelievable server (fanboy) *laughing* for keeping my “amateur DJ dreams” going and just being so generous.

You guys are the best. And if you don’t already know it; I’m telling you.



EDIT: Oh yes…I’d just like to add that Macs rock. I really don’t think I could have accomplished this on a PC. Granted, I’m pretty tech dumb… But methinks me Mac compensates? That’s what makes them so good. There’s a flip side though! I’ve been working on PCs for so long and they require so many ins and outs–because of trying to deal with PCs like that–I don’t “get” Macs! They’re too “easy!” Everything is so “simple!”

Oh…but pretty…pretty…

PA likes shiny objects…

And you know? My battery should have been dead by now on MacBook.

*PA checks time*

Hey, just under an hour remaining! And I was shitting my pants about FINALLY streaming that song, writing this and now I’m adding more…

MacBook…I love you.

I’m sorry Gabriel… (and lovey server boy) this has nothing to do with the original post content… I’m just amazed that I still have power.