Hey, It Was Free! Except For Two Pints Of Bass And A Double Stoli!

So I dragged my sorry arse all the way down there…oops, no…it cost transit fare as well as the booze. I lied.

The fucking tech didn’t finish the order so the hard drive, broken parts…nothing…no information could be released. WTF? When I spoke to him yesterday, I told him I would come down today (well, I was sick but that I probably would?) Still, our conversation was that it was fucked, fried, this is what needed to be done, sell, sell, sell! Well, how am I supposed to buy and dump my (hopefully as you said functioning hard drive) onto a new MacBook if you don’t complete the order.

The tech guy who was working said it’s still lying there wide open, looking untouched… What? Did he come up with some magical solution to fix it that he didn’t tell me about? I never received a follow up call! He did say he tried before but nope, nothing could be done.

So I strolled into the sales area. As I suspected, the only “deals” were on MacBook Pros. Gimme a break, PA! No, just get the same model.

I can’t talk to my “tech” until Monday and I can’t get back to the store because of their hours until at least Thursday because of my work hours. And even then…I might be able to squeeze in two hours with them? At this point, something tells me it’s going to take a helluva lot more time to get this all sorted than that!

And now? I am actually expecting my hard drive to be fried just like the board. Yes. Hope for the best, but EXPECT the worst. Especially now?

I was trying to gauge my face throughout the entire endeavor.

  1. At The Service Desk: Pissed Off, Frustrated.
  2. In The Store (with sales boy, half my age who knew nothing…) hmmm okay: Pissed Off, Frustrated
  3. On The Way Home: Stunned, Maniacally Insane, When Finally Getting Home To My Neighbourhood, I Started Laughing…
  4. Into The Pub (NOT “The Scene Of The Crime”) At First “Sane Face,” but then a partial quote from one of my favourite movies: ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’: “…your face looks like a cat’s ass…” Well, I don’t think my face was all that tight and squeezed up but it was definitely, droopy, dopey, grumpy and pouty. Okay, we’ve got a couple of the Seven Dwarfs in there but maybe we can rename a couple of the others?

I spoke to a couple of my servers. Yes…being a regular I “own” them all. Again, just like everyone else…la la la…I’ve told: agog, gobsmacked…let’s now add aghast?

One who is my favourite, who has always given me the best service since I moved back here (I lived in this area for several years after vacating to live with ex-partner) asked me if I was going to get the guy who spilled the beer to pay. I said that no, it was an accident so I would pay myself. She said that was “good karma.”

*PA shakes head*

She is a love. She told me about a whole whack of financial shit that she went through (that I had been through years before) so I could definitely empathize.

Yes, so apart from some stress relief that any (non)self-respecting drinker would do, I popped in to tell them that they may not be seeing me for a while. I need to save my pennies.

And yes, I finished off in my occasional grand fashion. A double Stoli neat.

Now I just have to wait for ex-partner to call to do my/our taxes. Probably just mine. She’ll do hers later on her own time, I suspect. Then she suggested dinner. Cool. PA always needs to eat. I’m wondering if I’ll need to make that trek all the way to where I used to live. That’ll be a bugger with all of this booze in me. And I was just thinking of making a tea. I know she’ll drive me home afterward…I don’t know if she’ll pick me up


This is nuts. I promise (I’ll try?) to stop blogging about my computer woes…I will really try…I will…

EDIT: Ex-partner just called. She’s tired. She wants me to come over tomorrow. Okie dokie, dahling. Maybe I’ll go say “goodbye” to my “other” neighbourhood pub. I suck. This situation sucks (I know…you are SO fucking tired of me whining…)


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