Archive for March 31st, 2008

I was sick over the weekend and as a result, haven’t had a chance to catch up on any “news items” such as this lovely piece of work. I linked to a blog as, well…shameful as it is, I kind of don’t want it to sink into the archives as some of the other charming “news stories” that I’ve occasionally mentioned.

So erm…yes. This woman had to yank out her goddamn nipple ring with a set of–believe it or not–pliers. Yes, how does that “grab” you? They set off a metal detector at the airport and they wouldn’t let her board the plane. She did manage to get the one out but the other was being a bit stubborn?

Now, I don’t have any piercings. Well, my ears are pierced but I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually even bothered to put a pair of earrings in. Beyond that? Body piercings really aren’t for me and I can’t imagine having my nipples pierced (or anything else!) as it would really hurt? And yanking something out of my breast with a tool that they may have just used to repair that 767 sitting out on the tarmac?

Well, I suppose having your bellybutton pierced may not be that bad. And yes…she was allowed to get on with that. Uh huh.

So your tits are a danger but your stomach is okay.

Fuck, I have a bonded retainer on my bottom teeth at the front. It’s left over from when I was a teenager and it was a quickie preventative measure as I had braces on the top. By having the bonded retainer “installed” (it’s basically a small metal wire on the back of my teeth!) I wouldn’t need braces. Well…if they need me to remove it because my teeth are a danger… Whoa, I’m pretty well screwed, chewed and barbecued! I need a dentist to help do that!

A set of pliers? My teeth?

I change my mind. I’d rather rip out my nipple rings in front of the whole bloody airport on Christmas Day than try and remove my bonded retainer with a set of pliers!

Still, not to make light…this whole thing is so out of control.