Feeling Brighter Today

This is totally irrelevant but what the the hell did WP do to all of my pages? Obviously not my template as you see it but where I am writing etc… Good grief?! I just about jumped a foot in the air when I logged on! What the hell am I looking at??? However, “…resistance is futile…” Even though I would like to think The Borg could never assimilate Spock, I guess I am now Four of Nine?

I know they have an unbelievable amount of WP bloggers but you think they could send some kind of mass email to tell us when they’re going to do some major overhaul or upgrade like this? I mean, it really scared the bejeezus out of me!

So, yes. I am feeling better today? It is the weekend and this cutting has knocked the stuffing out of me. I am tired. Sleep, glorious sleep. When I walk, it feels like I have shin splints. I am not a runner!

I’ve been busy today. The typical. Get up, shower, laundry, dishes. I found “the culprit,” the knife *laughing* Actually, I am the culprit. “Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Knife!”

You know, I don’t know if I am a practical cutter or a sentimental cutter or both. I’ve always used the same knife. That is other then when I lived with ex-partner. She had better knives than mine being a trained chef. That was always a big joke for me: not a good place to live for a cutter with her massive selection of professional use knives?

Yes…the same knife. Just kidding about the “practical vs. sentimental part.” Or actually, maybe not!

Speaking of practical, this is kind of funny, bizarre or morbid depending upon your perspective? After my first cutting, Mac Guru came to visit. He asked me if I still had the knife. I told him that I did. He asked if he could see it. I told him, sure. He then asked me why I still had it? I said to him point blank, it was still a perfectly good knife!

I know, you’re all thinking beware of dining at PAs place when she’s chopping up the vegetables or whatever else needs preparation. But really, why throw away a perfectly good knife?!

Oh, Prester John is probably just shaking his head right now about me being “glib” as my defense mechanism. But seriously, my blogging buddy, if I didn’t take the piss out of both my mentalness and myself, I would completely drown in abyss of despair. It’s bad enough that when completely depressed I feel like that is happening anyway.

On the way home from work yesterday I stopped into the Apple shop and blew my wad of cash. Wow. So a new baby MacBook is on its way. I bought my external hard drive. I also bought a kickin’ laptop bag. No. It is a serious bag. I can (could?) fit so much into it! I’ll have to see when I get it home.

I was talking to the sales guy about my digital SLR and we agreed that it wouldn’t fit but on the way home, I realized it wasn’t sold as a single unit! No. The body and lens were separate. As a result, there are (were) plastic cap coverings for both. The body is flat (more or less) and the lens is just a cylinder. They will both fit in the bag, no doubt. I think? So I can go totally mobile and shoot, then upload! HA! What am I? Some kind of photojournalist? Still, it might be fun.

And if I do any travelling and want to take it all with me, this will work? Yes? Much better than having to take multiple carry ons and all of that crap. I was even thinking I might be able to pack all of my meds in there too! No! It’s really kind of something and the pockets for other stuff… I could probably also fit my iPod, headphones even? Plus, it was 2/3 off. Why not! I’m spending so much money anyway. At the end of it all, they asked, “Anything else?” Oh, yeah. Let’s buy a new iPod too? No, I didn’t.


Well, at least that’s done with. I won’t be able to pick everything up until later next week–again because of the hours. That’s okay. I’m still getting by with the relic but I am missing some things. My Internet connection was giving me grief today but I forgot that even relic has a wifi card! Shit! Plug my damn Airport in and things definitely improved.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m meeting someone for dinner in about an hour. I suppose I’ll have another cuppa and just hang out until then.


  1. Glad you’re feeling better.

    I hope you know I wasn’t chastising you about your glibness. I just saw a little of myself in it. For the most part, I save it for the “real world”. In my case it’s purely defensive. It keeps them “off” me.

    The funniest people are usually people who’ve been through lots of shit. We have to learn to laugh to keep from crying (or dying).

    Enjoy your evening. I’m glad you’re back (to more or less the PA we know and love).


  2. Glad the crisis is over. Sorry you carved lumps out of yourself.

    My head has taken a severe swing into left field…long time since it was this bad. I don’t know whats going on. I was doing so well and all….


  3. bpdokc

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!


  4. Hi,
    just wandered over to your blog from exactscience and I hope you don’t mind if I blogroll you?


  5. Hi Prester John, thanks. Oh, I was only kidding about all of the “glib” stuff. I use it in the real world. I bit about my meltalness as well with people that know me but not so much. I speak more frankly about that just to reduce stigma with everyone. But I am also self-deprecating in general. I just make jokes about myself to be silly.

    That’s an interesting comment about people that are the most funny having been through a lot. Hmmm.

    Awww. “…that we know and love…” *blush* Thank you, again.

    Hi darkentries, oh…I am sorry you are still in Mood Poopy Land. Are you still having problems with the migraines? I do know the feeling so well about doing alright and then having it all creep up on you. It sucks so much ass. I hope you are feeling better soon. You know where I am if you want to talk, okay?

    Hi bpdokc, I don’t know if I have seen you here before so if not, welcome. Thank you as well. I do feel like I am definitely better.

    Hi Ruth, thanks for coming by as well and welcome too. Oh, no! I don’t mind if you blogroll me at all. I would be so honoured! I have seen you as well and been over? I am so pissed about baby MacBook as I have bookmarked a lot of people. I hope they will “stick” on my harddrive but I will do it here with you so I can keep track of you and come back and read you some more.


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