Oh dear. I have four…yes four outstanding memes. One goes all the way back almost to the summer? Or was it the fall? Good heavens. I think I may do them backwards? Or…well, I think two of them are similar or kind of combined so… *PA shakes head*

So Finding the Light in the Darkness tagged me with this one. There are five topics/questions and then you have to tag five people. Alright.

Five Things Found In My Bag:

Well first off, this would be my knapsack or rucksack. I don’t carry a purse so let’s make that clear. I almost went to go check it now but I realised that would be futile. Right off the hop, I’m already having problems with this meme.

  1. My migraine meds–I’ve been getting far too many so I can’t leave home without my Maxalt/Rizatriptan (and by extension the Domperidone/Motilium for daytime nausea.
  2. Tampons. Well, come on! That’s also kind of a necessity, right?
  3. Erm…this is where I either run into problems or I could shoot you a load of bull. Let’s just say I don’t know. It could vary from between what I need for the day or what I need but have forgotten or it starts off empty and then it gets full as I pick something up or stays empty because I forget to pick up what I need or maybe it has my brolly in it because it’s going to rain or it doesn’t have my brolly and it does rain and I’ve forgotten it and then I get wet or maybe I don’t because I have a hat or a jacket with a hood and that’s alright unless I don’t… Welcome to ADD.

Five Things Found In My Room:

Argh! I hate my flat. It’s like my entire flat IS my room. Oh, whatever…

  1. French Doors. Actually I really like French Doors but I can’t use them as they are for my bedroom and my bed takes up basically the entire room!!!
  2. My bed. I know, this is rather obvious and completely unthrilling but I only mention it because of all the “rollicking fun” we had about going mental (or even not being mental) and the whole issue of bed making habits. The “Nutcase Bed Poll” is still up! Maybe I’ll leave it there forever?
  3. Two antique stereos. Actually, I really like antique stereos. One belonged to my grandparents and the other one I bought. Both are functional. The one I bought actually runs off radio tubes. Neato, eh?
  4. A round ceramic jar with a cork that says: ‘Eye of Newt’ on it. *PA laughs* I got it from a friend as a birthday gift many years ago.
  5. A small pair of bongos. I can’t play the bongos! I bought them when I was completely (hypo)manic. You tend to buy strange things when you are (hypo)manic.

Five Things You Have Always Wanted To Do:

  1. I LOVE primates. *PA waves to chimpy laughing* No, really. I want to hold one and spend time with one BEFORE.I.DIE. A chimp would be the best but I’d take an orangutan too. Hell, any one!
  2. Can a do-over count? And kind of a continuation? I would love to go skydiving again and then take it up as a regular sport/hobby. I thought about it after my first jump but it is so terribly expensive!
  3. Experience anti-gravity. I know. There is a bit of a trend here? I’ve always wanted to be able to fly like a bird. Ever since I was a child.
  4. Go SCUBA diving. And with a camera of course!
  5. Meet Oliver Sacks! Oh, my! Oh, I would love to talk to him! I’d probably sound like such an idiot but that would be just so great! Erm…I mean to talk to him; not to sound like an idiot.

Five Things I Am Into Right Now

Oh, dear. Well, my life’s a little messy right now sooo…

  1. Meds And Heads–like that will ever change, right?
  2. Fiddling with MacBook to try and amuse myself…
  3. Watching more of my anime as above and because I’m feeling so brain dead.
  4. Writing but I’m not really feeling motivated at all to do that right now
  5. Drinking lots or Earl Grey and trying to get my life back on track.

Five People To Tag:

Good grief. They’ll all probably say, “Get on your bike, PA! I’m not doing your bloody meme!” I know, I know… I’ve been so sucky and arsey and haven’t been reading anyone. And lately? Well, things have just gotten uglier as any of you “regulars” know. As always, participation is not mandatory.


Cracked Head Blog because he just nailed me with another meme the other day. No offense, darling. Just funsies.
darkentries because he needs something to do with his time. Just kidding sweetie.
Invisible Emma because she was unreal and read my entire blog. So have some fun with this one honey!
It’s All About the Walls who I love dearly but probably can’t stand me anymore because I’ve dropped off the earth and haven’t read her blog either! I’m still here, dear.
The Knifeman (aka DrShroom) who is/may be one of the few med bloggers that still reads me? I love him too.

So there. At least one meme down. Whew.

  1. Oh, Greybeard! *laughing* I can honestly say that I have never been called a “Creature!”

    You’re too much…


  2. You’re a lovely creature though. Mostly. I’ll get on this when I can. For now let’s you and I call a truce on this shit for at least 30 days.

    Hope you’re well.


  3. HP

    You’re so much more adventurous than me. Sky diving, scuba diving….eeek. The bongos made me smile and tihnk of Matthew McConaughey. Maybe you could get more bang for your buck and combine a few activities? Perhaps tandem jump with Oliver Sacks while playing the bongos?Oh, and given the MM reference, naked? :)


  4. /me grins

    Thanks for playing along!

    I hear you on the flat = room thing. I have a big wardrobe I want to get rid of as well as a chair. Once I do that, I’ll actually have room for useful shit like a bookcase.

    Brolly = Umbrella?

    Oliver Sacks. Cool beans. I really enjoyed reading his stuff in grad school. We had to read a chapter of one of his books in one of my clinical classes and I read some of his other stuff just for run.


  5. Oh…I wasn’t going to respond as I am so sick. I thought I was getting better yesterday but I am sooooo much worse. Damn. But the comments were great so I just couldn’t resist.

    Hi Greybeard, oh a “lovely creature!” That’s nice! But mostly?! Harumph. *laughing* Indeed, a 30 day truce sounds excellent *PA waves white flag* Not to mention, I still have my outstanding memes! And HP up there tagged me for one!!! Thanks for the Pingback too.

    Oh, HP! You made me laugh with your comment! I get a rather silly visual with me doing a naked, tandem jump with Oliver while playing the bongos… Hmmm. I’d really rather talk to him. Granted, we could have radio headsets but the jumps are so fast! Okay, we’d do dinner afterward.

    Nonetheless, I think Matthew might be more into the naked, bongo, tandem jump thing. Heh.

    Hi katm, no problem. I’m trying to exercise some discipline with myself. Believe me, that is a very hard thing to do.

    Yes. Brolly=Umbrella.

    “Cool Beans!” oh, I love that! That is a “totally keen” expression!

    I have a couple of his books: “An Anthropologist On Mars” and “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.” I love them both.

    Alright…chicken soup, here I come…


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