Just A Post

Started something…maybe will (re)publish/edit later.

  1. Hehe Gabriel…, you’re funny. I deleted what I wrote anyway. It was pretty nonsensical.

    Kind of like me, these days.

    Oh, fuck my chest!

    Erm…that didn’t sound quite right, did it? Or maybe it sounded just fine.

    Either way, I have been coughing in paroxysms of utter hellspasms all day! I hope I can become only half way corpse like by tomorrow as I actually have plans.

    I know. Imagine that?


  2. Are you getting to the beach at all?


  3. Hi Gabriel…, no. Between getting hit with the news, my brain blowing up, medication changes, appts. all over and now being sick…


    We’ve had some relatively decent days here but between feeling exhausted, mentally cruddy…just still kind of all over. Not a chance.

    Perhaps when I get straightened out and even when the weather improves (it’s actually kind of cool out today when I just popped out in the back yard for a bit) I’ll get down there to listen to the soothing waves. I have a favourite spot where I’ve sat for years. It’s MINE! I get rather unnerved when someone else is there.

    However, I wait patiently for them to leave and then I just lunge for it.


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