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As some of you other WP bloggers might know already, do not know, might be interested in or not… After they did their sort of “overhaul” of our templates etc… they also did something else. For some reason, it didn’t affect me right away. Maybe the rollout took some time to get everyone on board.

I made a post and then I went in to respond to my comments. Right above them all was a list of “Possibly Related Links.” Huh? I clicked on the links and Oh.Holy.Hell. “Related” my Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case Ass!!! I fucking flipped! Just how on earth did this shit get on my blog???

I contacted my “WordPress Go-To-Guy” Gabriel… who has written a post about it here. You might want to have a look? In my typical fashion on his posts I have commented several times in a row. That is because his posts (and other commenter’s thoughts) can get me thinking and then I think some more. And then think some more. It’s kind of: “And another thing!” “Wait, and another thing!” He doesn’t mind, though. Because I’m nuts.

I really don’t understand this “thing” that they’ve implemented. If you don’t read the link above, from what I can gather (after reading some discussion on WP until my head was going to explode) it’s something they are doing in connection with Sphere. I can’t stand it. I’m tempted to re-enable it right now for this post just to show you what it might bring back. However, since I have linked to the discussion above, well, that might bring a huge downpour of utter vomit. Linking to Sphere? Well, that might just bring me in boatloads of advertising?

I could write some absolutely ridiculous post all about being completely mental, how horny as all hell I am right now, the fucking colour of paint on my walls, my random obsession of the moment, how handy I am at replacing doorknobs and installing locks–I can actually do this quite well–it’s very simple, my love of anime, some information about meds, how I still have my first teddy bear and baby blanket, how my bed is again (still?) in total disrepair and continue to direct everyone to the “Nutcase Bed Poll” on my sidebar, that my favourite colour is purple, I am in desperate need of a haircut, if I can’t get a job in a suitable time frame, I am thinking of becoming an escort (high class, of course–I want to make the big bucks.)

Do you think that would be good enough content to garner some nice “Possibly Related Links?” Bloody hell I know all the ones about sex would. And my bed. And maybe even my teddy bear too would get tied in! I’d get some nice links to stuff about the “Plushie” or “Plushophile” gang!