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OMG. What a bizarre blast from the past. I was out last night and this woman approached me.

“Hi, how are you? You don’t remember who I am, do you?” *PA politely pauses* I replied with my stock response.

“I’m sorry. I usually have to do this five or 10 times to get it right. What’s your name again?”

“J.” *PA pauses again* Only longer. Fucking brain cranking away! Oh, wait!

Now, before I proceed, I don’t know how many of you were reading my blog back in June but these two posts I wrote might refresh your memories as well? Here is the first and here is the second. I wrote them both pretty much in the wee hours of the morning for reasons that are sort of explained. And bear in mind that I was still (more or less) freshly out of hospital that spring so I was still pretty spinny and wowie, wowie in the partying department.  The posts are kind of amusing even though I was so exhausted and well…I was kind of harsh on the whole “Straight Women Who Are Curious To Sleep With Another Woman/PA” issue.  I’ve just had some very bad experiences there.  I’d probably do it again *laughing*

So, yes…in strolls this woman who I hadn’t seen in almost a year that gave me a hellish night with virtually no sleep.  She was there with the same friend/ex-boyfriend as she lives out of town and must have been visiting for the weekend.  We talked for a bit.  I wondered for a moment if there might be a “repeater?” Would she end up wanting to come home with me last night?

No, she didn’t as they decided to move on and drink somewhere else.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I mean, the previous result was a disaster but I think it was more due to her being absolutely, shitfaced, plastered.  I wonder how drunk they got last night? Not to mention my flat is a disaster itself.  But I’m quite sure it was then too–indeed.  And if it the whole event was as bad as before, I just would have ended up sleeping in my chair (or staying up all night playing with baby MacBook as I did then too.)  Actually, I did write in one of the links above that I got a few winks in bed.  Basically it was on the very edge of it as she was taking up the entire thing! Ugh.

So yes…how strange! As they left she gave me a little kiss.  Nothing too significant, however.  I suspect it was because she wasn’t as drunk as she was before? I’m not quite sure, however.  She did make a little joke earlier about coming home with me…  Hmmm…