So I got up today and said, “To hell with it. You’ve got to start making some kind of list or something…whatever.” This is in no particular order, of course. I don’t know if it’s in any order. Some of it may completely make no sense but still, they may be at least “options?” Or something? God, I wish ex-partner was still around. She was always so good at organising me.

And for shits and giggles, I’ve turned on the “Possibly Related Posts” thingie or whatever as I want to see how that is…ahem…progressing. No doubt with this list if it’s still all wacky and FUBAR there might be some, shall we say, “interesting” results? When I just turned it on now, I could only see it activate for my…wait a minute…

It’s quite random. Perhaps as much as the list you are about to read? Links are not showing up for all of my posts, some of the links are merely links to my older posts (I don’t give a shit about that–read my archives all you want) but some are to–yes, of course–totally unrelated blogs/posts! Actually, one was a mental health blog. Okay. Fine. Of the few that I checked, only two had the “thingie” turned on. Or at least for the post that had the link on my blog?

Forget it. They are totally UNrelated… I couldn’t for the life of me think why the people would come here. Or others from there to here. Or from Pluto to my blog. Vulcan, yes. My home planet does come and visit me but these other “random” bloggers? And…ugh…I’ve gone over this…why the hell would I send people there! I do not have the time to check them out, read them as it looks like I am basically “endorsing” them. At least to a new reader? Someone who doesn’t know from WP or a blogger not using WP?!?!?!

Oh, feck it. My blood is starting to boil all over about this business again. As some people have said on the WP fora, perhaps a way to see the Possibly Related Links beforehand and then decide? Still, isn’t that a lot of work to check out the other person’s blog? I don’t care if there are links back to MY posts but it’s just so…GRRR!

Okay, this is going to be a loooong post with My List:

Things To Do

  1. Kill the dog upstairs who is barking incessantly. No! I love animals! Kill the contractors working on the house next door who is making the dog bark incessantly.
  2. Buy an XL package of Depends™ as I almost lost something tremendously valuable today. Let’s hear it for the good ol’ ADD! And that would be an XL package. I would need size XS.
  3. And speaking of pooping my pants (okay, which I am not doing…) Laundry. Which I am doing.
  4. Clean my flat (an ongoing “until hell freezes over” task.)
  5. Keep eating (also an ongoing “until hell freezes over” task.)
  6. Sort through my email. Oh…I am petrified daily to log on to my accounts due to the volume of items from work. How does one accumulate so much?! Well, from not owning a home computer for years! One could not afford one. One could only afford baby MacBook v.1 just recently. Then, it got destroyed and one had to buy baby MacBook v.2
  7. Drink lots of tea. Wait, I already do that. Does that still count? Sure, why not.
  8. Sort out my closet and find old clothes to donate to Goodwill or some other place in preparation for new “femme” clothes or other ones that will fit me.
  9. Get a haircut in preparation for interviews–or sooner? *shrug*
  10. Go shopping for clothes. Hmmm… I can not stand shopping. Bring someone along with? Filmmaker? She’s good with clothes but a bit bonkers and might drive me crazy. Our tastes might be different too. Ex-partner? I think she despises shopping but maybe not to the same degree as I do? Plus, I have a couple of ideas where to start. Perhaps drag someone else out along when getting desperate.
  11. Mail some financial blahbbity-blah form that should have been done months and months ago. At least my taxes are done…
  12. Ah, yes…clothes. Wear my scrubs a lot. I am today. They make me happy.
  13. When I go see gastro man for my next appt., ask him for a pair of his as he said he would give me some since I am such a Scrubs Slut.
  14. Say “Scrubs Slut” in an evil voice over and over again as it sounds like “Redrum” from ‘The Shining.’
  15. Try to remember to work very hard on my Dysgraphia in preparation for any work forms that need to be filled out (note: mine is basically the “Dyslexic” form although I am not Dyslexic–I just screw it all up, get this and that bass-ackwards, it’s messy if I’m under pressure…) It’s common in people with Tourette’s, AD(H)D and those on the Autistic Spectrum.
  16. Unpack work items…ugh.
  17. Update resume…ugh.
  18. Find some placement agencies/headhunters (now, that makes my head ache.)
  19. Stop drinking (oh…just a bit…?) *PA makes unimpressed face*
  20. I found some weird courses offered up in a local rag…check them out (and subsequently find they are all inappropriate?)
  21. People have suggested some job prospects. Check them out, what else is on the market and then sink further into depression?
  22. Email and/or call outstanding people to tell them WTF is going on.
  23. Totally tweak my iTunes library as a lot of stuff stinks and some more things can be added? That’s way overdue.
  24. Reinstall some software that I didn’t do right the first time. That’s way, way overdue.
  25. Call P. I met from hospital as he suggested we get together last weekend. He never called me. He hasn’t been well as (well…he told me) but we always play telephone tag and when there is a long time in between, it’s usually because one of us is having some kind of hard time.
  26. I found a T-shirt design contest, however, see above software install issue. I have absolutely no design skills anyway but maybe I can come up with something crap and because it’s crap, it will win. This is because a “Crap Is In” motto is behind the whole thing…in their heads…so that’s the ploy and it will sell.
  27. Wash my sheets and fix my bed. Or beat my own record in my own “Nutcase Bed Poll” on my sidebar. Honestly, I think I’ve already beaten my own record.
  28. Blow everything in my bank account, renounce all worldly possessions, run away to some small, foreign country and meditate atop a mountain for the rest of my life.
  29. Think of things I can sell in my flat to make some money.
  30. Take up my mother’s offer stay at her place, promptly buy a gun and then shoot myself before actually moving in.
  31. Tell Escher to “Piss off!” as he is continually calling me. Sometimes he leaves messages and sometimes he doesn’t. When he does, he always says, “You don’t have to call me back or anything…” He drives me nuts with his Passive-aggressive bullshit. Even if he doesn’t know he’s doing it. Not to mention, my life is hell right now. So is his but other people are giving me space. Just because he has this “pie in the sky, we are cosmic-meant-to-be-in-this-world-together-idea,” we are not joined at the hip. Nor are we “partners” as much as he might like us to be. I am sorry. I am gay; you are a man. /Escher rant
  32. Keep taking my Valium/Diazepam.

I know. Quite a list and I’m sure it’s not all encompassing *wry grin*


  1. Ok, so I might be a little weird here (little? Huh? LOL) and suggest this: Write down what you accomplished, then cross it off. It looks a lot better. :) (Yes, that is what I do; Yes, I am twisted; so what if I am?)


  2. Hi beartwinsmom, oh no! That’s exactly the way to do it. Then a) you can remember that at least you’ve accomplished it *laughing* and b) you are right–you know that you have accomplished it. It should look better and should make you feel like at least you’ve done something!

    As far as you being “weird?” Hmmm…well, I can’t say for certain or give you my official dx but I would say we all are. *wink*

    I just popped over and I see that you have a med question? Be right there…

    I should bloody well bookmark you too to keep track of you–like I can keep track of anything these days. And I’m totally sucking at reading peoples’ blogs but trying?


  3. See- I do have some logic left in this lump ‘o grey. :)


  4. Hey there mom, I was thinking the same thing the other day when I had one actual thought?


  5. sodajerk

    GO PA,GO PA,GO PA,GO PA(WHOO,WHOO,WHOO).Kudos PA,I see sunlight coming out from behind clouds.try yer best to keep the momentum goin.


  6. Thanks sodajerk, I know I can always count on your “GO PAs!”


  7. scrubs slut scrubs slut scrubs slut….

    awesome. Oh how I laughed.


  8. Hi darkentries, thank you. Yes, I thought it was kind of neat sounding to the ear. I used to say I was a “Scrubs Whore” but then the alliteration of “Scrubs Slut” just seemed much better because a) alliteration is always a good thing and then b) it just hit–my madness for scrubs took over…repetition, I am mad for scrubs! I am insane!

    “Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…”

    You have to do it just right or you sound like a Cylon, however.


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