Archive for May 9th, 2008

Shit! Not having a regular schedule anymore, I really don’t know what day it is!

No, really.

This happens when I go on vacation and it happened when I went into hospital a little over a year ago but now…? Well, definitely.

I got up and did my regular routine. Woke up, went to the bathroom *laughing* Then walked aimlessly around my flat for a bit. Then, I took my meds. Then, fixed a cuppa. Actually toot horns I unpacked some more things from work. I found a bunch of photographs. Why the hell did I have photographs at work? Maybe I picked them up from the shop and just shoved them in a drawer and thought I would take them home…some…day…?

They were really old too.

So I went through them and tossed a few, kept a few.

So, what’s the weather like today? Click on the channel.

Oh, FUCK! It’s Friday! I thought it was Thursday! I have an appointment!

Bugger. Get ready, run around, throw myself into the shower and toss some clothes on. Wha…?

And then my mother called. Oh, holy hell upon hell. It is impossible to get my mother off the phone but I did.

Fuck it. I am home. I made my deadline for my post.