Archive for May 10th, 2008

Why the fuck will it not upload my images that have been shot vertically from my digital camera but it uploads the horizontal ones just tickety-fuckin’-boo! It uploads them if they were horizontal so they are all rotated 90° and look stupid (obviously.)

I don’t know how long I have been bloody well arseing around trying to post this, fuck with their little buttons, go to their FUHQ page for help and also screw around with my next-to-nil HTML knowledge within the post itself. Oh yeah, I also went to page source and whee! CSS!? I didn’t even bother with that shite and I couldn’t modify it anyway?

If anyone has a goddamn clue, please let me know.

And yes, everything is showing, viewing, saving and la-de-fucking-da on my Mac properly. I even tried saving in the horizontal manner that WP was uploading them in to see if it liked it that way but nope.

Pissed PA