Archive for May 14th, 2008

I just have to make a damn post for another day. As you can tell I may be a wee bit frustrated?

My Merlin #1 appt. got all “late” and messed up (but it was still a good appt.) But then I got home late but then other stuff and ohhh…

It sounded like I was semi-organised in my last post but now I feel like I am a three year old. Or…I don’t know! Pick any other child’s age that needs constant care!

And I am drunk.


Not to the point of being non-functional drunk. No! But I was just so unhappy today with everything turning upside down and backwards, to and fro…

But give me a break! That is life! And here I am again…I go back to hidey-hidey, scardey-cat-land but it won’t change. When I wake up, with a phone call to who the hell knows, with resume (ugh…) sent out or drowning myself in a bottle (or even just having a bit to drink–I mean still being scared–not self medicating.)

Come on, PA. Quit fucking up and being an arse.

So tomorrow…AGAIN.



I need to try and sleep now and TRY and do the shit that I need to do AGAIN tomorrow.

I’m sorry…AGAIN… I will get to your comments ASAP.

I’m so all over the map and fritzy…sometimes I feel like I’ve got it (at least for once the other day) and then it’s lost. I so hate being mental.