Archive for May 15th, 2008

So I got my cut today. I had no clue what was going to happen. We had talked a couple of days ago prior to booking my appointment and I said I wanted to do something “different.” I also told him about upcoming interviews and even me wanting to femme myself up a bit. The only problem? Or two?

Well, every time I’ve always tried a new style or even attempted to do something new, it’s just been a disaster and I also am not a very “visual” person. For example: “I’m thinking about rearranging the furniture, dear. This over here…that over there and this…etc…etc… What do you think?”

*PA stares into space*

Honestly? I have no clue? I’m like, I’ll try and tell you what I think once you’ve done it?

So I kind of said to my stylist, what do you think…my face…my glasses (although I can wear contacts as I did years ago…) Hell, even me? My body? I don’t know!

So, he did it.

Fuck me. He is a god. I mean, I’m going to have to do a bit of work to maintain it but not that much. I don’t think? Hopefully not because PA isn’t really a girly girl. But if she wanted to femme herself up…well, let’s face facts. She would have to pay the piper at some point?

Well, I’m not exactly ready to start pounding the pavement yet so I suppose I can spend a bit of time playing with my hair? And… *grin* OMG… I look like a girl.

Well, fuck me! Not that PA didn’t look like a girl before but this haircut?! Holy shit! It’s fucking awesome. Well, maybe “Not The Cover Of Vogue Awesome” but that shite is all fake and digitized anyway.

So, the hair. You’re wondering? What’s it like? Or maybe you don’t give a toss. Well for those that do…

Okay, parted on the left, straightened down a bit with some kind of Jennifer Aniston wispy bits turning inward toward my cheeks and chin. Then, the rest down to my shoulders but at the end, a quick curl up.

I don’t know if that describes it right. Shit, when I left the shop, I didn’t know if I could recreate what he did or not!

But wow…he just said…hey, let’s do it… He’s magic.

I guess I’ll just follow the same words in front of the mirror? “Hey? Let’s do it!” God, I surely hope I can.