Oh, no! Not at all! I just thought that would be a funny title.

Well, after going out yesterday and buying all of my gear to try and recreate my “new do,” it was time to get up this morning and…well, give it a go! Funny story.  Years ago when I used to try and style my hair, I got so fed up with such poor results, I actually threw my blow dryer in the garbage and never bought another one!

Also, I got up yesterday and had a shower and just let it dry on its own to see how it would look.  Well! I certainly regained more of my curls with this style but oh, nooooo.  With this style it needs to be kept as it was cut (and styled.)  With letting it go on its own and the curls? Either I can’t leave the house or I need some kind of bloody hat!

Now, I suck at all things “girly.”  As above, styling my hair has never been my forte.  Okay, except when I was a freaky, goth teenager.  I did a not so bad job then.  I’ll tell you, those crimping irons and I had a lot of fun way back then! Not to mention tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of hairspray! I used to go through wow…who knows how much a month?

Anyway, I think I managed a reasonable facsimile the first time around? But the cost of all of the “femme’ing up” business I am doing! Vanity, they name is money! And I haven’t even gotten to my clothing shopping yet! I mean, my blow dryer cost me $60CDN! Then there was the appropriate styling brush, $15CDN.  I needed some more shampoo but I balked at buying both a bottle of that and conditioner so I went for a combo deal there.  I guess that wasn’t too expensive? Under $10CDN for sure.  And product.  Well…yes.  I decided that since he used some in the shop and since it needs to be dried straight to avoid me going all “frizzy,” some gel?

Guess what I bought? Dippity-do™!!! Oh, come on! I just couldn’t help it.  The name has always made laugh ever since I was a child.  And it’s been around forever.  A product that has outlasted everything on the market can’t be that bad, right? Also, it was really cheap for a huge bottle–and I don’t need that much of it.  My hair is very thin!

Good lord, maybe I didn’t see it but speaking of ancient product, I may have even bought Brylcreem™!!! No.  I don’t want to look like John Travolta just walking off the set of “Grease.”  However, I realised today that I am going to need some hairspray as well.  Man, oh man! Or maybe, “Woman, oh woman!”

So, yes.  Maybe not so bad for a first attempt? But not as good as my stylist did.  Well, of course not.  Also, since I am right handed, the left side looks much better. *laughing*  I hopefully should get better with some more tries? I even put on some of my better clothes–well, a bit more fashionable? Black jeans, a cute little hoodie (blue with these little yellow and white stripes down the sleeves that says “London” across the front–haha–I love you my Brits–well, my Scots…my folks in the U.S., Canada…oh, hell, I love you all!) A favourite pair of my Dr. Martens boots, too.

Crazy.  All dressed up and nowhere to go?

  1. I had to LOL at the dryer because I got so frustrated at my last dryer. I actually cheered when it died.

    And yes, unfortunately it takes money to look good. I feel guilty when I go the hair salon and get my hair done, but I have to remind myself that it looks a hell of a lot better than when I used to go to the cheap haircut places. Now all I need are new clothes… Sigh.

    Vanity- thy name is money, indeed!


  2. sodajerk

    as long as you have the Docs on,why not go out and kick somebodys ass.

    just joking.


  3. Hi mom, I’m laughing back at your blow dryer story. Well, it looks like I’m tethered to mine now! And you know how some products have those funny “Warnings!” On mine it said: “Do not use while sleeping.” Well, now that would take some talent, wouldn’t it?

    Ahhh…the money issue. ‘Tis sad, indeed. Although, a couple of alternatives coming up in my next post–although I think I mentioned them already in a previous comment…yes.

    I don’t know if you have to feel that guilty. I mean, what can you do? And maybe the old adage is true? “You get what you pay for?”

    I have been to the cheapie places before and maybe if you have a really simple cut you can get away with it but sometimes it’s crap. I remember one time I went to a…well, not really a “cheapie” place but certainly not a high end salon. I decided I wanted a cut and to try some highlights.

    OMG. At first I thought it was my thin hair but later, another stylist said no…they must have really screwed up. Bottom line, they “fried” my hair! It was so dry and just…oh, I don’t even know how to describe it!

    When I go to my guy (or folks in the past) I do (and have) always tried to get the most mileage out of what they do. I even asked my guy now how often will I need to come back and see him to have it redone. *laughing* Really, though, I am on a budget! At least for now?

    Until I find my next job working at a fast food joint, making minimum wage? However, then it might not matter what my hair looks like as I’ll be wearing some sort of silly hat–more on that in my next (today’s) post as well. *PA pouts…or…well…some kind of unhappy face*

    So, you need clothes too? Again…see today’s post!

    EDIT: I just wanted to add this, as well. Doesn’t the whole “gender pricing” that still seems to exist piss you off? Men can get a cut for $20 or something and we still have to pay exorbitant prices! Ditto for dry cleaning! I can’t stand it…


  4. Haha, sodajerk! Actually, they weren’t my standard eight holes. These ones were my pointy-toed ones that go up mid-calf with lots of hooks.

    I guess I could have kicked someone with the pointy toes and all of that but PA “is a lover, not a fighter” *laughing* so she never resorts to violence. Well, perhaps in a self defense situation? However, that has never happened and let’s hope it never, ever does!

    Gee, did I say “never” enough times? Again, I guess that just goes to show my stance on being violent. PA=PAcifist.

    Hey, I just realised that the word “pacifist” has the word “fist” in it. That’s kind of odd…


  5. HP

    I gave up with a blowdryer to straighten out my curls. Now I torture my hair every morning with a straightening iron and wonder how I ever lived without it. I can get up with extreme bed hair and within 5 minutes, I’m good to go.

    Just in case you want to spend a little more ….. :)


  6. sodajerk

    PA C I FIST.


  7. Hi HP, I never thought of that but I guess the style is supposed to have a bit of “fullness” to it and not be totally straight? Ugh…who knows? I tried again yesterday and maybe a bit better? This is so silly…

    However, I suppose I could invest a bit more and try it? Actually, ex-partner has one as her hair can get crazy curly so maybe I can give hers a go.

    Hi sodajerk, that’s pretty funny. I still don’t want to see one! Oh well, better to see one coming? ACK!


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