Playing Dress Up

You’d think from my last two posts I’ve been super, crazy busy. Well, I feel like it today…like I’ve been hit by a truck. Oh well.

So, Saturday afternoon I spent a significant portion of time cleaning out my closet. What can I toss to a second hand store, what still fits in the business attire department. I now have three, large, black trashbags awaiting to be taken…well, somewhere. And speaking of black, I realised that I have about 57 pairs of black pants. Hmmm. Well, black never goes out of style?

I shall have to call Grocery Man for his car (and his lovely company, of course.) Three bags. Do I sound like a clothes horse? Heh. Wait until Sunday’s “excitement!” I think I am well on my way to becoming a clothes horse…

Interestingly enough, my business suits still fit. More or less? Have I gained a bit or weight? Some jackets (well, all except one I have that is very tailored) seem a bit large on my frame but better to be too large than too small, right? The pants? Well, they are dress pants so they can afford to be a bit loose and baggy. As long as they are alright in the waist? However, I need a new belt. I hauled out an old Kenneth Cole one that I used to wear years ago and it’s in decent condition but the silver buckle is a bit scratched and worn.

Most of the stuff I threw out was casual wear but I did find a couple of “dress” items that were just hideous! I was like, ‘I used to wear that? Taste, PA! Taste!’ Well, I guess it passed back then but blech! So, at least for suits, I seem to have a good enough arsenal to get me by. For now?

That kind of got me itching to go shopping the next day. Strange. For someone who does not like shopping, strange indeed! I do like second hand stores, though. So that is exactly where I went. To a pretty decent one close by to where I live.

Woo! I went a little crazy–and girly! I bought eight tops, four skirts and…oh, wow…these awesome Nine West boots. Now, it might sound a little icky to buy second hand footwear but I see it this way (and I have done it once before.) If the brand is really high end, then presumably the person had the money to buy the shoes? Now, it may be a leap but if they had the money, then they took care of themselves? Their feet were okay?

Regardless, they were in mint condition, you can still smell the leather…and well, if I get some kind of weird foot fungus or disease, I’ll have it treated, fumigate the boots, get some insoles…whatever!

I’m not one of those women who have crazy shoe fetishes but I do like to have nice footwear. And I have loved Nine West forever. Their shoes just fit me perfectly. And give me a break. These were $15CDN! What do you think they would go for in the store brand new?

And oh yes, I bought a kilt too! I just couldn’t help it. I don’t know if that is/will be (WTF…) suitable for where I may end up working (or if any of this stuff is) but I have loved kilts ever since I wore them as a teenager. And no, I didn’t wear a school uniform. I just love/d kilts!

Another funny thing, too. All of the skirts that were tiny–size two, four and all of that–PA’s sizes were up on the top rack! I was laughing so hard on my tippy toes trying to reach them! Why wouldn’t you put them on the lower rack for the tiny, little, short gals?

So, here is a pic of one of the glorious boots. And I still need to do more shopping based upon what I bought Sunday. And “new” things. Lingerie…I mean, you certainly can’t get that in a second hand store. No, I’d never go that far even if they did sell it there!


  1. sodajerk

    is it a tartan/plaid kilt?and if it is do you know which clan?


  2. I’d love to see you in your new clothes. Plus, it’s nice to hear you sounding better. I hope you are feeling better.

    Looking good does often mean feeling good.


  3. Hi sodajerk, yes it is a tartan but it’s just made by some silly fashion store. It’s not “authentic.” I tried to do some searching and there are a ba-jillion clan tartans so who the hell knows? I think this is some stupid designer’s tartan who isn’t even a Scot!

    Or maybe it is someone’s clan?

    It’s all bass-ackwards too in dress. Like I said…it’s not a “real” kilt. Still, it’s cute. *grin* I’m thinking I need a pin, however. The wind might blow it up and then everyone will see my knickers?

    Hi invisibleemma, well, maybe I could put them all on and take some pictures and send them to you? I am feeling still…hmmm. Not that great. This post was kind of a foil. I mean, I had it in my mind to write it as it was all of the activity of the weekend but yesterday I had a total crash. I’m still not feeling such a wee bundle of joy today. Alas.


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