Archive for May 23rd, 2008

At work I used to sign up for Medscape newsletters. When I went in to clean up my personal things, I had to change my email and re-sign up for them. I also had to forward quite a few that I hadn’t read since being in hospital last year.

Did something change? I was only receiving one.

When I was redirected to the page to change your information, there were a whole bunch of options to select which ones you would like to receive. They were all based upon this and that area of medicine, anatomy, CMEs (like online training courses for credit–doesn’t mean anything for me as I am not a M.D. but it can be fun to take them *laughing*) So I signed up for all the ones I liked. OMG.

They are just flying into my Inbox.

I currently have 85 sitting there. And I have zero motivation nor concentration to look at them.

Perhaps I should log on and change my subscription settings? I have zero motivation to do that as well…not that it would take concentration. Wait. It would. I’d have to pick and choose all over again. *sigh*