Archive for May 27th, 2008

So, I found a…well, let’s call it a sort of “Professional Hospital.” They scan you, look for broken bones, internal injuries…they do psychological testing, I think as well? Maybe just about everything any hospital would do? They even seem to have an Emergency/A&E department of sorts?

They have a relatively decent Surgical Department as far as I can tell? I just went inpatient today, actually. However after my assessment, I will only be going to hospital on an outpatient basis. I am quite knackered.

Of course! Why else would one go to hospital? You only go to any hospital when you are sick!

I think I will be outpatient for a while. Longer than any time I have been in hospital. We all know that going to hospital either inpatient or outpatient sucks rocks but when we need to go, we need to go.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night as I knew I had to go to hospital today. I spent a lot of time there. I am going back to hospital tomorrow and then I suppose my assessments will continue. I will be constantly monitored. I guess that is a good thing? There is some home care available to me as well, I believe. Yes…perhaps?