Back To Work! No, Not Really…

So, I found a…well, let’s call it a sort of “Professional Hospital.” They scan you, look for broken bones, internal injuries…they do psychological testing, I think as well? Maybe just about everything any hospital would do? They even seem to have an Emergency/A&E department of sorts?

They have a relatively decent Surgical Department as far as I can tell? I just went inpatient today, actually. However after my assessment, I will only be going to hospital on an outpatient basis. I am quite knackered.

Of course! Why else would one go to hospital? You only go to any hospital when you are sick!

I think I will be outpatient for a while. Longer than any time I have been in hospital. We all know that going to hospital either inpatient or outpatient sucks rocks but when we need to go, we need to go.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night as I knew I had to go to hospital today. I spent a lot of time there. I am going back to hospital tomorrow and then I suppose my assessments will continue. I will be constantly monitored. I guess that is a good thing? There is some home care available to me as well, I believe. Yes…perhaps?


  1. Rachel

    Wow, I’m really confused right now.


  2. Hi Rachel, I’m sorry you are confused. I am writing in metaphor regarding something currently going on in my life.



  3. You’re not the only one confused, Rachel. And I thought I understood metaphors since I’m an English major (wink). I guess you’re going in for job training?

    Hey, Dr. PA, can you take Trazadone with Cymbalta? :-)

    Hugs, Mom


  4. misterbooks

    I’m not confused, though I play one on TV…ahem. Actually, I just wanna know what knackered means?
    Peace to you, in all your metaphorical travels. real ones too!


  5. Hi mom, yes…you poked through the holes and got it.

    As for your medical question, you can combine the two but in many instances you still need to watch out for the rare “Boogeyman” Serotonin Syndrome. Again, it’s pretty rare but it can still occur.

    Another thing about Trazodone is that it can be better metabolised with food and it should not be taken with grapefruit juice. That affects it’s clearance from your body. There are several medications that have the same “no grapefruit juice rule.”

    I am on Valium Diazepam and can not take it with grapefruit juice. Which isn’t really a problem–I don’t like it anyway. I was on Trazodone and wow…I found it very sedating but again, that was just my own experience.

    Gee, are my credentials slipping now that all of your (future) M.D. is admitting she is/has been so medicated? Hmmm…

    Dr. PA

    Hi misterbooks, I know…I’m not a M.D. but I am currently playing one on my blog! For shame, PA! For shame! No, I always tell people up front, NOT a M.D.!

    Knackered means tired, exhausted, wiped out and all of that.

    Thank you. Peace to you as well.



  6. Being clued in on the metaphor, I can say this it is all good. Glad you will only be outpatient.


  7. Hi exactscience. I’m going to clear up all of this metaphorical business. I feel like poo and I think I need to offload a bit. Well, more than a bit?



  8. WAHOO!!! I am SO smart. LOL

    I guess that BS in Ed with an English major did pay off. ;-)


  9. Yep, mom…you win the “Smarty Pants Award!” I’ll have to work on being more cryptic in the future?


  10. ROFL…. Actually it took me a while to figure it out. Ol’ grey matter is getting fried from all these chemicals.

    Today was a blah day. I slept most of it away. I’m seriously thinking of having ice cream for dinner.


  11. Well, mom, not to worry about time. I did mention in a post a wee while back about sitting at a chess board with the time clock ticking away and me, not being able to make a move. My opponent was long gone and then finally, moving my (again!) metaphorical pawn, just a step forward. Then I left the table as well!

    At time of responding *PA looks at clock on baby MacBook* it is now 0307hrs. EDIT: 0319hrs.

    PA is debating whether or not to stay up all night, going on a posting spree, sans meds (post, beer) and just saying fuck it all to hell.

    Granted, ice cream is good. I have just found that since I have lost so much weight it makes me feel sooo cold! That’s such a shame as ice cream is so yummy. I’ve tried to go in the direction of cakes instead? Yes. Not so cold but still nice and sweet.


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