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Okay. I really need to hit the sack. And erm…eat. My tummy is talking. So first the latter and then the former.

This is a very boring post–update, Blog365 sake…whatever?

I went to see Merlin #1 today. Yack, yack, yack… It was all about me and “Fix Me Up.” I have to admit, I was extremely scattered and very ADD during our appt. I mean, I did something that I hadn’t done since I had been released from hospital and just started seeing him!

I grabbed something off a table in his office and started “inspecting” it and sort of…’ohhh…hmmm…’

Get this. I’m sorry but you tell me if you think this is AD(H)D fuckuppery?

Merlin #1 just looked at me for a few moments quizzically as I rotated the object around in my hands. It was a carved, wooden bird. I set it down gently back on the table. Merlin #1 said nothing.

“I thought it was plush,” I announced.

Merlin #1 still said nothing. I looked around. I saw some some kind of teddy bear or something (Merlin #1 has a massive office.)

I shouted out: “That’s plush! That bear over there! That bear over there is plush!”

Okay? PA’s keyed up a bit?

Anyway, I went to “Fix Me Up” afterward. I worked for four hours non-stop last night trying to craft up a first draft of my resume. OMG. So, yes. Go to “Fix Me Up” to print off copies as I don’t have a printer at home etc… Oh dear.

I do not profess to be a writer but no matter, we are all our own worst critics in what we do? I was still editing my resume late into the evening tonight! I will now need to go into “Fix Me Up” earlier to print it off etc… tomorrow!

So yesterday I joked about my deadline or my DEADline which would be…well? Immediately, down to the wire…you get it. I said in “true writer’s fashion,” (or some similar), that would be where I would end up. Alright. I’m sort of halfway. I worked clockwise…well, you be the judge but technologically speaking, I DEADlined it, for sure.

Nighty, night…