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That is the time right now.

I still have a couple of really nice “stories” or posts that I would like to write.  Well, I think they’re nice.  I know they impacted me in a positive way.  Maybe you might like them as well?


Don’t mistake my, “Feh.”  It’s not that I don’t care or give a shit.  Of course I do.  You guys know I do.  That’s my problem, right? My “Achilles’ Heel?”


I need a cigarette and I’m going to take my meds.  Good lord, if someone were to do a search of “exhaustion” on this blog they would pull up certainly how many posts from this month? Last month? Or well…how many other posts altogether?

How about a search of “pathetic?”


I think I am slowly (quickly?) digging my own grave.  Hey, at least then I needn’t worry about finding a new job.


I’m not very good at physics, however, but let’s see if I can dig my own grave.

I’m pretty strong and also tiny so I’d probably only need a “shallow grave.”  But how would I cover myself? Alright.  So dig a wee sized PA hole and then dump the dirt on a plank.  Measure plank to PAs body and arm length.  Affix “Bungee Cords” for maximum strength and elasticity (oooh…wait…where to affix…?)

Okay.  After digging suitable, wee sized PA hole, then place one other plank on right side with screwed in metal rings.  Oh, hell…just one because she’s only got one arm!

Ensure that the dirt dug up is evenly distributed and not too heavy on plank that is above ground on left side.  Do a “test lift” before jumping into grave.  If too heavy, remove some of the dirt and redistribute.  Conduct “test lift” again if required.

Note: do not bury Bungee Cord under dirt.  It needs to be free and accessible! Otherwise you’ll just have to remove all the dirt from the plank and spread it all out again!

After above is completed, jump inside grave.

When inside grave, nestle down and get comfy.  Reach over and grab extended Bungee Cord that has been laid over dirt.


When plank slams down, attempt to hook Bungee Cord hook through ring.

Note: it will be very dark, so you will need to feel for the ring if you’re not a lucky shot, PA.  If you can’t find it after time and you get too tired, your breathing will become shallow due to oxygen deprivation.  So, if you can’t find the hook, not a problem.