Archive for June 16th, 2008

So while I was out running some errands on the weekend, I decided to go and sit on the patio and have some pints and read a local rag.  Yes, avoid all job finding responsibility.  Well, not really.  The paper has ads and stuff.

As I was sitting there, this older woman asked if she could sit with me.  Sure, of course! She was in her 60s.  She told me that her husband just hated her smoking! So, I suppose since I was a woman there alone (albeit much younger) it was better (and more appropriate for her) to sit down with me.  I mean, a woman of her age standing around smoking! Well! Perhaps looking like some kind of trollop! Unimaginable!

We had a lovely conversation and she came out another couple of times.  It was kind of odd as well, as there was a band playing.  Older gentlemen, not young ruffians but your generic “rock ‘n’ roll” kind of stuff.

Later, a man came out who was around the same age.  He asked if he could sit with me as well.

Okay.  Hang on.  This is one of PAs regular haunts.  She is a regular and knows everyone.  What’s going on with all of these older folk coming to sit with her? No matter.  All is good in PA Polite Land.  Please, have a sit and let’s chat.

He said he had just started a new medication and was feeling dizzy.  It was just too much inside for him.  Oh! Well, please sit down!

We talked for a considerably longer time.  I don’t know how long! At least 20min. or more.  There was this woman who kept badgering him to come back inside but he kept waving her off.  I thought it was kind of funny.  I asked if it was his wife.  He said no, it wasn’t.  His sister? I don’t know.

He offered to have her join us but she wouldn’t.  I said the same–please come and sit down.  She just sort of “sniffed” and walked away.  Again, I had to giggle.  He stayed with me and we kept talking.  Finally, she came back and said that the band was playing their last song and she wanted to dance.  He almost reluctantly walked away.  We said goodbye and that, “It was a pleasure…” and I went back to reading my paper.

My servers asked to move inside to sit at my “favourite table.” *laughing*  Again, I am a regular and I always sit at the same table to work on baby MacBook.  I am actually here right now–at “my table.”  They had a line up for the patio.  I told them it was no problem as I was getting cold anyway.

I decided to order one more drink and asked for the bill.  When I looked at it, I called the server over as there was something wrong.  There was only one drink on it–my last.  A tiny little…I hate to say “bell” went off in my head but before I could really acknowledge what it was, she told me, “That gentleman that you were sitting with…”

I said, “No, no…oh please…no.  He didn’t…”

She said, “Yes, he paid…”

Before she finished, I just started crying.  I mean, after we parted, he never even came over to say anything else.  When I came back inside, he was gone.  So, no time for another final goodbye, a little wave or anything.

I just couldn’t believe it.  I sat and cried for a bit more and finished my drink…took a bit of time to regain my composure and then paid my bill.

Just for one drink.