MP3 of the Moment and Some Motivation

Well, I managed to get some work done–not so much around my flat but priorities? No, “Fix Me Up” has been neglected and well, my flat is always being neglected.  Not to mention, I finally established contact with P. whom I met while in hospital last year and we are finally going to get together! We’re meeting for dinner tonight.  I used that as some motivation and a “reward” for getting some work done.

So, speaking of “neglecting” things…MP3 of the Moment has really just been sitting there untouched for a very long time.  I’ve been thinking I should do some more “Series” types like I used to do a while back?

On that note (pun intended…)

Some Psychobilly, anyone? Here we go with a trio by The Cramps.  I did post a YouTube of “What’s Inside a Girl” a long time ago so I won’t stream that one.

And one is “profane” as you will see by the title.  I generally tend to warn people so they won’t get their knickers in a knot if they click on the link for a song.


  1. sodajerk

    Some Psychobilly, anyone?

    Yes Please.

    i queued for a few hours for tickets to see them a few years ago.
    sadly sold out…………got tkts fr Sigue Sigue Sputnik instead.

    i kno whut you am thinkin,but i had to get summat after standin in a line for a while.

    they were not bad,as it happens.


  2. Hey sodajerk. Glad you showed up for this. I was wondering who might?

    Intersting (or sadly–boo hoo) that you had to get Sigue Sigue but they made me laugh…

    I do have a track…just one, think. Their BIG single. Oh, the hair!

    And the double drummers with the electric pads! No “real” drums! That was so 80s too! You never see that anymore.

    Sure, it was technology and…okay…it may have not been bad but why not still incorporate it into music now? Why did electric drums or drum pads die? I still think they could serve a purpose in creating music.

    Think: Photography

    Don’t even talk to me about the death of Polaroid.

    Don’t even go there.

    Anyway, love…I’ve gone off track as you know I tend to do (and some of my readers know I do?)



  3. misterbooks

    Hey, when we gonna see some Manilow on this page…..har, har, har. I could dig some Ramones though, of course you here them consitantly on commercials now. This only happend after Joey died…I wonder who owns the rights…Oh god, misterbooks is pulling a PA and going off tangent.
    I love this blog…PA is de best.


  4. misterbooks

    I can’t believe I spelled hear as here…what a weenie…


  5. Hi misterbooks…oh, I feel like pulling a “Sally Field,” right now!

    “You like me; you really like me!!!”

    I’ll have to come up with a nickname for you, perhaps, because you said you LOVE my blog (well…not me *laughing*…although you did say I was “de best.”) You are so very sweet. And that is nice to hear as I am feeling rather low at the moment.

    I actually had some Barry Manilow in my collection but I decided to delete it all…*PA quickly checks iTunes Library*…okay, I still have Copacabana because really, everyone should have that, no? I do have some basic Ramones, however. As per MP3otM’s Page, I do take requests so I can toss up a song for you. Sure!

    And you know? I am so unbelievably tired, I didn’t even notice your spelling error. No, ’tis true.

    Also, feel free to wander off into Tangent Land anytime you want! This blog is The Land of ______.”


  6. khaizee

    Just visiting your site ..
    Very nice and lot of information ..
    Cheers :) ..


  7. Hi khaizee, thank you very much for the compliments and welcome. Please feel free to come back anytime and join the party.

    Cheers back,


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