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Before I begin with my little story (that gave me a good laugh), I will say that opposed to yesterday, I really gave the boots to both myself and the work that I needed to get done. I spent at least five to six hours working straight (minus a couple of tea breaks sitting outside) completing all the stuff that I meant to do over the weekend.

Still. So much more to do. At least I got caught up on what I was supposed to do. There’s at least one more thing that I need to do before tomorrow. Answer some rather pointed questions before I meet with one of the coaches at “Fix Me Up” tomorrow. I started to make a list of answers before I just said, “Fix ME Up” and strolled down to the pub where I currently am right now. Awww, come on guys! After ramming it for several hours straight, I deserve just a bit of beer as a reward? Right? Huh?

So, I’m kickin’ it with my iPod on and typin’ and bouncin’ like a wee ADD freakzoid because…erm…yeah. I very well and rightly so got into hyperfocus mode and I’m still, jolly well there! No, you should see me. You should see my typical ADD “bouncy leg.” People must be thinking WTF?!?!?! PA.No.Care

Alright, on with the story. Has everyone out there heard of Double Bubble chewing gum? According to the wiki link it’s sold in 50 countries so I think most of you know it?

Anyway, I was out one evening and I saw…well? If you are familiar with it, you should know about its comic strip history? I espied…oh, a Double Bubble comic “stuck” to a bench.  And NO, it wasn’t stuck to the bench with a piece of Double Bubble.

I immediately recognised it and it took me right back to childhood.  I mean, talk about marketing! Get the kids to buy your shitty gum (and believe me it was shitty–and probably still is) by adding a little surprise inside! So, I picked it up and I swear to god…it was just perfect for me after the “shitty” day I had!

The character, “Pud,” who came along in 1950 after a couple of the originals, was sitting at his computer.  He was on the phone calling: “Tech Support.”  What was he saying?

“Tech Support? My computer has a WEDGIE!”

On his screen were all of these squiggly lines that ran from corner to corner and were pinched in the middle! Oh, hahaha! Geeky PA sure got a giggle.  But it gets better in how it cheered her up.  It was almost like a “Fortune Cookie.”  There was a little message underneath the cartoon.  It said…

“Your Double Bubble Fortune: A Smile A Day Keeps Worry Away.”

Well, I will tell you that it certainly gave me a smile that day! I still have it.  I’m keeping it.  Especially now since I’ve made a post about it. *laughing*