Whoa…Auditory Hallucination Time

I don’t hallucinate.

Have I ever? *PA thinks*

Except from some DP/DR (whichever you wish to phrase), and other symptoms as per my Simple Partial Seizures, they are definitely of a psychic phenomena but I have never hallucinated.

So, to the voices. It is hard to explain as I am sure it is for others as well. Or maybe it is not hard for them to explain. I do not know. This is foreign territory for me and as I always say, everyone is different.

It happened kind of quickly. It’s hard for me to remember now. It was a distinct language. That is for sure. I was a little unnerved at first. I don’t know if I was frightened or not. Surprised? Maybe just trying to grasp and understand and blown away at the same time? I mean, you know PA. She KNOWS she hears shit. When she’s hearing voices, she’s hearing voices…or sounds or whatever?

So listen…releax…the(ir) language and communication…it slowed down and then it eventually stopped.

I don’t know how long it lasted. It doesn’t really matter, though. It’s not real. It was just some brain malfunction that “made me hear voices.” Be it the stress I’m under, having alcohol. Both.

Still…as I said above, I am not one to hallucinate. I’ve now gotten a taste of it so for those of you that do…I get it, at least, a part of it.

And does it make your tummy ache? PAs tummy is hurting really, really bad. That could just be her tummy troubles and nothing to do with her head troubles above.

POSTSCRIPT: Merlin #1…? Tell at next appointment? I don’t hallucinate.  I have no hx at all.  Isolated incident? If other incidents occur then mention? I may have to think about this one.  And of course–ask for your opinions out there.  Always interested but I think sparky PA knows what she’s going to do…

  1. i sometimes hear voices/sounds and it always scares me. i literally freeze what i’m done and remain still for five minutes for fear… for fear of who knows what? the unknown maybe. speaking of fear, youtube was being bad. i clicked on a video and it was one of those scary trick ones where some girl screams out at you with this scary look on her face. today, 2 or 3 days later, i can still not get it out of my mind. i near had a heart attack dammit. hope things get better.


  2. Catatonic Kid

    I’ve also had such isolated incidents due to stress and various hard to identify factors. The hallucinations have occasionally made my tummy hurt but that turned out to be PTSD-related. In your case I’d say blame the horse you know, not the zebra you don’t – i.e. the alcohol/stress combo.

    I’d be a bit careful about bringing it up with Merlin #1, as doctors tend to get a bit carried away in response to hallucinatory experiences, Many assume that you’re as freaked out by the whole thing as they are, so they drug you to the eyeballs at the mere mention of them. Doesn’t sound to me like drugs are warranted in your case, esp. as the hallucinations don’t worry you. Personally, I’d hold off on telling since it’s not really something you want on your history if it’s just an anomaly.


  3. Hi unfitting, thanks for sharing. Oh, no! A scary YouTube that’s still haunting you?! Damn that YouTube! Maybe you should go find a happy one or a good music video and try to “erase” the other one somehow!

    Thanks again for your positive vibes.

    Hi Catatonic Kid, you know, I’m so stupid with my tummy. When it kicks up, I always forget to check the calendar. It’s the only thing that my gastroenterologist and I just couldn’t “fix.” The pain still comes when I ovulate and when I get my period.

    I mentioned something to him about the LES (Lower Oesophegeal Sphincter, folks) and how it can get messed up with Progesterone and he said to me, yes…hmmm. Still, who knows? So, calendar? Could I be ovulating or getting close to? Why yes…I could very well be! So that would probably explain my tummy.

    NOTE: yes, I know I abbreviated it to LES (as it is abbreviated) and spelled it “Oes…” I spell Canadian/Brit.

    Horse vs. Zebra. Ahhh, I’ve heard that referenced so much in medical school talks–not that I am in medical school *wink*

    You are reading my mind again! No, I am not going to mention it to Merlin #1. Just like my seizures to my neuro, I wouldn’t unless they started coming on in greater frequency.

    And to both of you, all of you reading, I did forget that I had one prior episode of some kind of auditory hallucination. At least I believe it to be so–it makes total sense. I was sick and took some OTC cold pills with pseudoephedrine in them. That can be contraindicated with some Bipolar folks.

    I woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake, crazy heart palpitations and then started to hear this crazy, warped sounding…almost something like twisted around carnival music. I was like…WTF? Oh, dammit! The pseudo. is doing something to my head!

    I had taken it before for years without a problem. However, whatever…who knows? Also with med cocktails… Brain chemistry is just so much fun, isn’t it?


  4. Personally I think you should mention it that way if it happen again at a later date it’s not just like, “OHHH yeah it happened to me before, too, but you know just didn’t mention it!” Just make it a point to say that it’s never happened before and you don’t think it’s going to be a problem.


  5. Jay

    I think it’s not so serious as long as you can distinguish the hallucination from reality. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that one requirement to qualify for “psychotic” is that you cannot tell between things you hear In your head and the real world.


  6. Hi Brigitte, you have a point also. I was already a little bit altered from drinking. However, moving on to Jay, I could tell what was real and what wasn’t. Ditto with the Pseudoephedrine. And as Catatonic Kid mentioned above, it’s an anomaly and not a recognised symptom for me. Should it continue and require attention, I may feel more inclined to address it.

    Jay, I have never experienced any type of Psychosis so with some people, yes. It could very well be that there is no way to distinguish any hallucinations from reality. This may be more the case where someone is unmedicatated/untreated or not treated properly. It sounds very much the case with my mother! She does not believe she is ill and sometimes, wow her delusional behaviour has been quite something!

    Or, perhaps, after the fact the person may know because they are being treated and have an understanding of their illness and that what they experienced at the time was not real but at the time, it was to them when it was happening.

    Again, I have never experienced any kind of psychotic or delusional behaviour. It may depend upon what I wrote above? Still, I can not speak for those that have the experiences.

    Another point I pondered later is that it could have been an Auditory Simple Partial Seizure. However, I have never had one of those. They don’t fit my lovely, long list of Simple Partial experiences. *rolls eyes*

    However, I have never had a Complex Partial Seizure before either which I did in December. That then begs the question…did I have a Complex Partial afterward? A Simple Partial can serve as an “aura” to tell you that another “bigger” seizure is coming. I do not know as I was alone. With a Complex Partial, you lose consciousness for a few minutes and don’t remember anything.

    Nothing seemed awry or similar to what happened in December and I didn’t end up walking around (unlike before where I just sat in a trance and was drooling.) I didn’t suddenly find myself in another room, out of it, post-ictal, wondering what the hell?

    And a further note, alcohol can lower seizure thresholds in some people with Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders but it never has with me–except years ago when in combination with a couple ADs (Effexor and Wellbutrin) that really knock your seizure threshold into the basement. Stress can lower seizure thresholds, too.

    Bottom line? My brain is too damn fucked up and complicated. I do not wish to stir the pot and get my M.D.s all twisty and turny unless I can be damn well sure of exactly what was happening. No doubt, Merlin #1 would be fine but if I can’t confirm it was any form of seizure activity, there is really no point in telling my neuro.

    It’s like…I “think” I am overthinking this.

    Note: these are purely my own feelings. I am not stating what other people should do if they experience things like this. I am not advocating that people should not tell their physicians of any changes in mental status. In fact, I would probably go against my own advice here and tell them to speak to their physicians about it.


  7. Catatonic Kid

    The way you describe the probable pseudoephedrine induced hallucination sounds a lot like a hypnopompic hallucination to me. They occur during the transition from sleep to wakefulness, and auditory hallucinations are one of their usual forms.
    I think it’s more than possible that the pseudoephedrine combined with your med cocktail and the fact that you were unwell (esp. if you had a fever) induced the experience. Even without those additional factors in play hypnopompic (and hypnagogic) hallucinations are considered to be well within the range of normal experience.

    That doesn’t make them any less disturbing when you actually experience them but on the plus side at least your episode wasn’t combined with sleep paralysis. That’s a common presentation which (lucky me) I had once or twice when I was young and boy but it scares the crap out of you!


  8. Hi Catatonic Kid. Interesting you should mention the Hypnopompic/Hypnagogic business.

    When we were messing around with my sleep meds last summer, I did in fact have (what I believe), was a Hypnagogic Hallucination. I had never had one before but I blogged about it when it happened (August 16 2007.)

    Basically, my Nana who had died the year before was sitting on the end of my bed and we sort of had a little chat? It was an isolated incident, however. I’ve never experienced anything like that since.

    Oh, sleep paralysis! I had that a lot while on Effexor!!! AHHH!!! I had so many problems with that med (apart from it making me completely loony as I am someone with Bipolar where ADs make me cycle.)

    But, ooooohhhhhh yes! I am fully acquainted with sleep paralysis. It’s weird, uncomfortable and can be very frightening. When it was combined with my other side effects (they ran the gamut from night sweats, horrific nightmares, sometimes nocturnal seizures–even though I didn’t know they were so at the time–nocturnal orgasms.)

    Everyone laughs at the last one but it’s not funny when the above were all combined.

    Yes, it’s lovely to have an orgasm against the backdrop of gory, unbelievably, disgusting dreams when you feel like you’re semi-awake but completely, physically anaesthetised, drenched in sweat, possibly in a puddle of your own urine because at some point you’ve seized.

    Yep. Does that sound really sexy, everyone?


  9. Catatonic Kid

    Can’t say I’m shocked to hear of your bout with such serious side effects from Effexor. Anecdotally I’ve heard only bad things about it. I’m a bit surprised they even tried you on it because of your migraine history but then the studies do go both ways on that one. It also sounds a bit like they just threw meds at you until something stuck.

    And you’re right, the sleep paralysis/nocturnal orgasm one-two punch is by no means funny. Horrific, yes, sexy, not so much. But give me a dream-gasm anyday ;)


  10. Hi again Catatonic Kid. Well some people can have great things happen; some have shitty luck. Pretty much the “worst” thing that anecdotally (but widely anecdotally) heard is its discontinuation effects. Ditto Paxil. I had problems in that area too (although not on Paxil–I never took it.) However, some people don’t have a problem.

    I had more issues with the seizures (again, unbeknownst to me at the time!)

    The reason that everything was so med-crazy and yes, a whole whack of stuff was thrown at me was because my ex-GP (aka “Dr. Asshole”), felt he could treat me for everything under the sun. Boy, would we get into so many arguments. I finally got away from him.

    *laughing* Actually, before taking any meds I did have the odd spontaneous, nocturnal orgasm on my own–not that often but maybe every once in a while. That was in my 20s. It is not completely unheard of. I haven’t since. *shrug*

    It’s alright. I can take care of it myself when I’m awake.

    OMG, I am such a wee pervert *laughing again*


  11. just a passer by

    Yeah i was really drunk in Bali… going pretty hard in the clubs they had there, and i had taken about 10 or so pseudoephedrine pills you can buy off guys in the street. When i got back to my hotel i fealt really sick all of a sudden, it was late about 5am.. i got out of bed not being able to sleep obviously due to the pseudo when i had auditary hallucinations, like wat you described. I heard voices in my head, no words or particular meaning just mumbling and i fealt like i was going to spew, cold and hot sweats…

    then it passed.

    Im sure this is related to my body just trying to shut down and go to sleep…. REM sleep seeing as how late it was and how tired my body would be so i basically just experienced a bit of that looseness as my mind tryed to drift to sleep. No big deal. Its not supernatural or a sign of phychosis. I obviously was just in a state of mind where i wouldnt usualy be awake to experience it.



  12. Hi just a passer by. Welcome to my blog as I don’t believe I have seen you here before. Even more so because of the name you have chosen to place here? I must say, I like it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I find it very interesting.

    I think I can understand how and why you must have felt so sick. It may have been something to do with the alcohol and maybe what you got off the street. Not exactly what you might have found in a store? Although, I can’t say for sure. I’ve never purchased any street drugs but sometimes (a lot of times?) you may not know what you are getting, right?

    However, yes. The pseudoephedrine can be a problem for folks with Bipolar. I don’t know if you have Bipolar or not. You didn’t say.

    Considering all of this and when this post was written, I wrote another at a later date that might interest you. I had delved a bit further regarding more of the “Auditory Hallucination” business that I was having personally.

    If you are interested in reading more, have a look at this:


    Take care and feel free to come back anytime.



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