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…I’m back in PA Land just for a ‘sec…

I found her.  I did.  I can’t believe it but she’s still there.  Unreal.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to track her down!

The woman who placed me at my ex-employer soooo many years ago.  At least it’s got to be her! I only remembered her first name and of course lost her card! But no…the last name…it sounds just too right.  I should maybe know when I hear her voice? You’ll see a bit down below why.  She made an impact.

I tried to call but I just missed the office closing.  I got too late of a start today and well, everyone I could contact by telephone is gone now.  But I’ll get her (and another place I tried), tomorrow for sure.

She was so awesome.  She used to call me and check in every so often (and I mean every year or so!) to see how I was doing.  Just in the beginning.  But I’m sure if I remember her, she’ll remember me?

Well, that’s one good thing today, I suppose? I’m going to get back at it now–as long as my physical state can handle it.  I still feel disgusting.

Stupid migraine.  I took some Domperidone/Motilium and again, it hasn’t done diddly.

You know? I should have known. But that’s just the way it goes. As regular readers know, I have no prodrome (or not really a recognisable one at times.) My prodrome basically is my migraine. However, yesterday there were some signs? Did I just ignore them as I was so tired? Was I just too spaced out as I was so tired?

When P. and I went to see our movie and have dinner, we had dinner first. The sun was still a bit high in the sky and not setting yet. My glasses have that “auto-tint” sort of thing. Why was it still so bright when I basically had “sunglasses” on. And the auto-tint works very well! Again, was I just tired? So some photophobia there.

Have you ever been to theatres where at the beginning of the movie, they either show the cinema logo or the sound system logo and play some blasty, technological, “whoosh,” sort of noise to “prove” the greatness and LOUDNESS(!) of the sound system? I leaned over to P. and said, “Gee, I don’t think I quite heard that.” Okay, so some phonophobia. Again…just tired?

After we left, it was dark. I was feeling off in the tummy. Just kind of…blah.

I get home. Now I’m kind of nauseous? Lighting check. Oh, bugger! Everything seems rather bright and my nausea is actually mounting to massive proportions. Hello, my wee Triptan! Also, no Gravol/Dimenhydrinate so I go for the Domperidone/Motilium that my neuro prescribed me so I wouldn’t pass out while at work (HA! work…) *sigh*

Well, the damn Domperidone did fuck all. My Triptan? Maybe something?

This also may explain my wee bit of crankiness and frustration of late.  Moodiness in migraine prodromes can go on for long lengths of time. Still, I am under a lot of stress! Stress can make you a bit tetchy too.

Again for regular readers who already know this, there is an ongoing debate as just why the hell I am/have been experiencing more migraines than usual. In fact, more than I ever have in my life! My only known trigger is weather and I really haven’t been paying attention.  I figured with spring/summer temperatures, things would even out a bit. It is somewhat humid today whereas it was not yesterday? Hmmm.

The other possibility is hormonal changes and I should be getting my period soon? The problem was, all along in tracking, the weather would take a serious turn with my hormones! Yes! Perhaps I am Gaia and I actually have massive control over the earth and nature and I just don’t know it? *laughing*

Good Golly, Miss Molly! I should get in touch with darkentries, my migraine twin. No, seriously. We always seem to get migraines at or around the same time! It is so bizarre! I actually gave him a wee hint in a comment he left on my last post.

So, as usual for me (and a lot of other folks with migraines), there is a rough day following the “event.” I am definitely not well today. Perhaps a bit worse than usual? That could be because it hit so late. I didn’t get home until after midnight as we caught the last showing of the movie.

I have a bit of “shovel neck and shoulders” but I tried to fend that off with some Ibuprophen. I am still really nauseous but I have had some tea (definitely needed) and some toast. In fact, more tea is definitely needed! My head is completely filled with cotton. Big, fluffy balls of it.  I’m feeling a bit down in the mood area as well and I have noticed that my migraines are affecting my moods more than they have before, too.


However, I am still going to get some work done.  Right now! Well, after another tea.  More caffeine to focus.  Some time has passed since I have gotten up–I definitely gave myself some more sleepy time.  I tucked in and tried to go to sleep at 0200hrs but it was a bit tough to finally get there.  And when the sun came up! Where is my sleep shade! Gah! Since the time has past, photo-/phonophobia better.

I have also developed a very bad habit! I have been checking my personal email (not too bad as there might be something pseudo-work related…) and my blog email addresses before anything else! Oh, shit.  Talk about spending way too much time in those places and getting the good ol’ ADD hyperfocus going.  I become totally distracted and there goes everything!

So I am going to complete this now and post it, log off all things personal and try and get other stuff done.  I’ll come back to PA Land later!

EDIT: speaking of “editing,” if any of this is not edited or proofed properly–apologies.  I often say this when I’m really tired and just can’t be arsed.  This is rather rare as I am a stickler for editing and proofing my posts–along with everything else I write.  Not to mention I really have to try and get some things done.  I’m getting upset with it all.