Oh, No! Two Memes and Others Outstanding!

darkentries has tagged me with two the wee, sneaky bum. Lordy, I’ll have to think of some kind of dastardly payback! So I guess I’ll work backward as I tend to do a lot of things that way anyway. Indeed. Because I am that completely disorganised and loopy.

The deal with this one is:

You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have:
1. One weapon
2. One song blasting on the speakers
3. One famous person to fight alongside you.

Alright, then.

Well, for number one, I don’t need ANY weapons for I am the PURPLE nin-JAH! My powers alone (almost…) can defeat all zombies everywhere known to man! Every zombie known to all other wordly, planetary beings, in fact! Which logically includes every zombie known to other zombies. If they can know anything because they are zombies–hence they are kinda “zombified,” right?

Number two. My song. What inspires PURPLE nin-JAH to kick everyone’s ass before the blink of an eye? Before they can see her tiny shadow cast upon any area remotely within their vicinity?

Why, “Copacabana (At the Copa)” by Barry Manilow of course!

Really, now. Were you thinking of “Kung Fu Fighting?” Please… That is sooo passe…

And finally, number three. Well, regarding my “almost alone ability,” I only need my nin-JAH partner in crime! That would be another person that my wee, sneaky, bum up there tagged: …salted lithium.

So, who shall I tag?

I’m going to go for Catatonic Kid because with a name like bloody “Catatonic?” Hey, “Zombie Girl!” Just kidding, my dear…

Next, It’s All About the Walls, although I’m not sure if the blogger is…? I haven’t been by in ages and just checked. A post made quite a while ago but I tagged anyway. I think she’d be right into it. Total Zombie Fan, that one.

Anyone else as my wee, sneaky, bum did three. Ah, I know. My new, “Banter Buddy.” Pessimistic Idealist. That should do it.

  1. LOL Oh my, a tag! At least this one looks easy enough but then zombies can be deceptive like that. Just when you think they’re dead…
    So this is Zombie Girl signing off before they return…now where did I leave my Zombie fighting cape? Probably in the fridge with all the other important things like the beer ;)


  2. Watch out for that Arkay! He’s a troublemaker! ;^/


  3. Weirdly enough I can actually visualize a zombie fight montage done to Barry Manilow’s Copacabana… but even weirdlier I know Copacabana better with muppets and Liza:

    If I were trapped in a mall, surrounded by zombie brain-eating certain death, I’d totally want you in my party as well.

    purr-ple nin-JAH ATTACK….


  4. Arkay

    Tsk, Tsk. You shoulda checked with Greybeard before you did this. Tagging ME?!? Yoose in BIGS troubles.

    And as for your pur-ple Nin-Ja barehanded attacks to ANYTHING by Barry Manilow just makes you Nucking Futz!

    I’VE read the Complete Zombie Survival Manual, and that ain’t in there. (I checked)


  5. Hey CataTONIC Kid…the beer made me think of a G&T. *laughing* I don’t like Gin though. Wow! You have a Zombie fighting cape? What colour? is it…purple…? PURPLE nin-JAH!!!

    And in the fridge, huh? Gee…I wonder what else you might find in there…

    Hi Greybeard, indeed you are right! He is a troublemaker, isn’t he! I learned that quite quickly…

    Hey Gabriel…, my nin-JAH part-NAH! I had to skip over and flash the nin-JAH signal… Yes, I was kind of thinking a sort of Quentin Tarantino-esque deal with the music? Maybe not quite but you know what I mean.

    I’m not sure if I remember that Liza episode or not…hmmm. Thanks for the Tubage though. Sesame Street and Muppet Show are always good!

    Hi Arkay, oh…now, now…play nice! Like I am quite sure I told you: everyone be nice on PAs playground!

    And don’t you get all down on me for Barry. Check out my partner in crime and my returned comment. You see? We know what we’re doing. Don’t mess with the “Mighty nin-JAH Force!”

    Sure, you may have read the “Complete Zombie Survival Manual” but you have NO idea what is in the “nin-JAH ATTACK! Texts.” Even if you ever managed to get your grubby little hands on any of them you still wouldn’t have the “Sacred Texts.”


  6. Arkay

    Hokays, thinks I gots the post fix-ed now. The song should play, and the zombie massacre can begin.


  7. Hi Arkay, okay…I shall go review…

    Now, YOU take care on your Zombie Mission!


  8. Arkay

    Nah, I agree with you that we should mess with the meme and so now it’s OUR zombie mission, if you’ll have me…


  9. Hi Arkay, absolutely! You’re signed up!

    We should all just storm the damn zombies together. Or maybe blow up the damn mall (al)together (well, after clearing all of the shoppers and store owners, first!) I mean, we are providing a huge service by saving everyone from the evil, undead.

    Besides, I can not deal with shopping malls. No. Incredibly averse to crowds…


  1. 1 Zombie ‘Tag’ response « Pessimistic Idealist

    […] The other day a sneaky e-mail tag arriver from Patientanonymous (PA for short) regarding mall zombie attacks. For the full story please go HERE. […]


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