Archive for July 14th, 2008

I had to get up early this morning.  Which was actually very good for me as I desperately need to get my sleep schedule back on track.  No, it’s right screwed. *laughing*  So, why not make the best of it and TRY to get some work done.

However, there was another reason I needed to get up.  Only me, only me.  *PA shakes head*  I had a longstanding appt. with my GP.  I needed to get another pap smear done as I have “ASCUS!!!”

“Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance!!!”

Yes, my cervix has morphed into some other being inside of me.  No, no…just an abnormal pap smear and it’s actually quite common.  You need to go back and have another…  Then if things are a still off you might have to go for a colposcopy where someone peers further and maybe takes a biopsy.  A lot of women freak out and think it’s cancer.  Again, no…no…

I’ve been through this before when I was 17 or so(?) and I had cryotherapy.  Freeze the cells off–bye bye. *shrug*  I’m sure I am fine.  Anyway, I had to call first thing in the morning and cancel as I got my period late! I find that funny.  I’m sure no one else reading this does.

So, yes…some work done today.  I don’t know if it is enough to satisfy me but…well, better than nothing–which was pretty much what was accomplished over the weekend as I was a bit knocked out by…

…you guessed it! My period!