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Many of you may be familiar with what is called or known as Broken Heart Syndrome? There’s the quickie wiki link. After a massive loss, a death–be it a life or even a situation–the pain you feel has a direct impact upon your heart. What happens is, you have a heart attack. Your stress hormones just rise too high and they weaken the heart tissue.

It actually has a more specific medical name of course: Stress Cardiomyopathy. You can read about how it all works here where a study was done at Johns Hopkins. What they found in the study done, was even though the experience of going through what feels like your “basic” Myocardial Infarction–which still isn’t exactly balloons and birthday cakes–those that suffered Stress Cardiomyopathy recovered faster and with complete recovery. Those that didn’t have SC? Not such the case.

There is also information about differences in the certain bodily hormones, enzymes etc… involved (highly elevated with SC) and EKG differences (a distinctive pattern with SC.) It’s all rather interesting, I find! And as a bit of a note of interest for where I am going to proceed, one of the hormones that was included in the “highly elevated group” was Serotonin.

So if “loss of love” can make you sick, what about falling in love? Can you become “Lovesick?” Is there such a thing as “Lovesickness” beyond another colloquialism like “Broken Heart Syndrome?” Hey, at least the latter has the word “Syndrome” attached that may give it a bit more weight?

Let’s go back to another quickie wiki about it here. Okay, here is something that us crazies might really be able to get into if we find ourselves going over the deep end if we fall in love with someone. Not that I think it would be a short step to go plummeting for a lot of us anyway; regardless of any medical or scientific model or dx. *laughing* And…within the link, my reference to Serotonin!

Also stated therein are a whole whack of symptoms that would probably fit any or all of us certifiables! *laughing again*

  • Anxiety
  • Mania
  • Obsession/OCD
  • Inflated self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

And those are just sort of the basics. It’s more fun when some are described with examples in the link if you don’t click on it and read it.

  • Mania – Extravagant gift giving (awww, come on…pressies are great!)
  • Depression – Tearfulness (hey…whatever happened to good, old-fashioned romance?)
  • Obsession/OCD – Constantly checking texts/emails (well, crap…we do live in the electronic age and how many people are tethered to their BlackBerries now anyway?)
  • Obsession/OCD – Hoarding valueless but superstitious items (well, I used to collect stamps as a kid and I still like coins…why should I stop with my “hobbies?”)
  • General Psychological – Upset stomach, Loss of appetite, Dizziness, Confusion (alright, the first two are the wonderful experience of “butterflies” and the latter…aren’t we allowed to “swoon” anymore…?…’geez, talk about taking the fun out of falling in love!)

But seriously, going back to the Serotonin, there is a referenced study to show that there was a drop in levels to those dx’d with OCD. Also, there is another referenced study that states that in brain scans, activity was noted in the anterior cingulate cortex and the caudate nucleus as examples that were also similar to those dx’d with OCD.

So, there is a chance that, yes, when we are falling in love we may in fact be going medically a bit more loony when we damn well feel we are! *rolls eyes*

I sure know that I go truly out of my mind when I fall in love. *winks*