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I’m still a bit Postictal today but not as bad as yesterday. darkentries told me to pop a Valium/Diazepam and: “Just go with it.” I had to laugh a bit. I didn’t though. However, today I have. I think that’s only fair. They push benzos in hospital if someone comes in having some kind of tonic-clonic mess or something vaguely resembling it as you really don’t want to go into “Status.” That’s basically a prolonged version. With tonic-clonics (or even other variants when you are unconscious) it can be life threatening.

So, of course my lovely “Researcher” and I continued to go ’round and ’round last night because we’re both so geeky and like dogs on a bone when it comes to any of this stuff. And no, she didn’t have a seizure too *wry grin* However, we were having a lot of fun trying to apply Occam’s/Ockham’s Razor to it all and then getting very philosophical which of course made no sense since my seizures are idiopathic.

I actually tossed in the term “idiotpathic” at some point. Quite.

No, it was good to try and review and geek out–of course. It made me realise that I was kind of stupid and had forgotten some things–and perhaps not simply from being in a Postictal state. Nope. Just plain stupid. Period.

Now, here’s a bit of a preamble that may or may not be relevant but it does at least illustrate something that is important regarding seizures and how they can affect people. Whether or not again, this is relevant to me, it is hard to say.

When I wrote about having my Complex Partial Seizure, I made a comment that I had either climbed up or down a rung on the seizure ladder depending upon your perspective. Reason being, once you have a (or several?) Complex Partials they tend to “stick” with you. That is not to say that you are “guaranteed” to have more of them. This is Neurology, folks. Your brain. There are no guarantees. But shall we simply say that the chance of you having more of them rises drastically. And further, the chance of you having a tonic-clonic also rises.

However, remember folks–no guarantees.

This leads (or last night led) me to something long forgotten from the good ol’ days of my Blossoming Neurology Geekdom: “Kindling Theory.” How could I forget that?! The idea of Kindling actually began with Seizure Disorders/Epilepsy and then moved over to Bipolar Land. How it basically works (theoretically) is the longer you go without proper treatment, the speedier your neurons start (mis)firing and the worse things get. It’s like a domino effect.

But, let’s go back to the “No-Guarantee Rule.” It’s like, if you could buy a brain, there’d be no bloody warranty! So, if we were to look at Kindling for me, is that what is happening? Are things starting to “pick up” because I did have the Complex Partial and it kind of messed the wiring up a bit? That was in December and it is now July. That is a pretty brief interval for two types of seizures that I have never experienced before–not to mention this very crazy Postictal state. I have never felt like this, even after the Complex Partial! I got up the next day and went to work!

Next thing I “forgot” and also speaking of things I have never experienced? Over the last while…maybe a month or so…? I may have been experiencing some Olfactory Simple Partials. I think I have as the experiences have all been the same and there have been more than one. Again, these are new to me so I am/wasn’t sure.

Basically, I’d start smelling this bad, fishy smell. I know. Lovely, huh? It’s not uncommon to smell “stinky stuff” with Olfactory Simple Partials. Faeces is a big one, actually. My darling “Researcher” actually reminded me of the same issue with Migraine Prodromes too. But I wasn’t getting any migraines at the time? No? I don’t recall… *sigh*

And this kind of brought us back full circle, semi-circle, figure eight, one big scribble to the fact that my neuro thought that the Complex Partial was caused by my migraines as I had several leading up to that “Big Bang Seizure” in December. I suppose I shall have to review my Migraine Category here to see what’s up there and when I’ve been a bit screwed up in that area? I’m seeing neuro the first week of August so this should be…well, who knows? I mean, their “idiotpathic” so maybe not much to do? Maybe turn up the volume of an AC I’m on?

And that’s another thing that demonstrates the “No-Guarantee Rule.” Sure, I’m on ACs but that doesn’t mean I’ll never have another seizure again. There are lots of folks in the same boat. I have Bipolar too. I take meds for that as well–the same ones actually! Does that mean I will never cycle again? There are no panaceas.

And yes, dear “Researcher,” you were right. Take the rest of the week off. I think I’d like to take my life off right now! Just kidding. I cancelled my appointment with gastro man today and another appointment at “Fix Me Up” tomorrow. Everyone was fine and even quite concerned which was nice. I’m not really happy with losing this time for the things that I have to do, though. I suppose there is not much I can do about it, right?

God, it’s been a hell of a period this last while. First my body being pretty much laid up and out of commission for a few days and now this seizure and Postictal insanity. Blech. And I don’t really think that word sums it up quite sufficiently…no… *smirk*