Gee, Two Applications and I’m Already Knackered…

This is a real fucking blast you know? *rolls eyes* I think I even made a typo in my first goddamn cover letter!

You fucking asshole, PA!

*bangs head against wall*

I think the second cover letter was alright. I don’t know if the job is still available, though. On one website (a public one), it had a deadline that was still in the future but on the “real” website where the job was, it wasn’t listed. Huh. It may be over my head but apply anyway. Sweet cash! Hell, that’s why you apply nonetheless, right?

So I need a break.

I’m going to stream this MP3 in honour of me finally getting around to actually applying. Again, it may be funny; it may not be.

I don’t really think ol’ Gwen and I have that much in common. I mean, I’m not going to run off with my “next career” and sell a million plus records or anything. And WTF is/was up with the whole “Harajuku Girl/s” thing, you know? I never really got that, oh Gwenny-Gwen. Can you email me and let me know? That is when you’re not too busy raking in all that cash when you’re “…back into Japan get me lots of brand new fans…”

I’m sure it’ll only take you a minute. That is unless you have no bloody clue what it is or was all about either.

Granted, I do love my Anime and Manga–and as per my comment in my last post I bought myself some Manga today actually. Somehow I don’t think Gwenny-Gwen gives a toss about Anime and/or Manga, however.

Still, the song is all about getting yourself out there even though you’re shitting your damn pants.

I’m not a big fan of Gwenny-Gwen, really. Or the CD. A couple of tracks, alright? *shrug* What convinced me to completely make the “impulse buy” was when it was playing in a store while I was shopping for some clothes. I just loved the line where I heard her say to herself: “…take a chance you stupid ho…” I thought that was quite funny.

Take a chance you stupid, ho PA!

Of course the song will eventually slip off the radar while this post will remain permanent, so it’s “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani. It was written because she went solo with this CD and left her band ‘No Doubt.’

Hey, at least she’s telling me I’m “…still a super-hot female…”

Thanks, Gwenny-Gwen. *laughing*


  1. Arkay

    One word: Hentai.


  2. LOL Oh I had a neighbour who’d play that album all night long. Why, I ask you, why?

    I like me some Gwen but really! *joins you in the banging of head against wall*

    It is a funny song – the music videos to her songs always are too but still. Gah.


  3. Hi Arkay, BWAH-HA-HA…Hentai?! I actually have never seen any Hentai but bloody “Tentacle Sex?” I don’t have much interest in that, really.

    Gimme a fucking break! I can barely eat calamari! *laughing*

    NOTE: to those that don’t know Hentai, there’s more to it than Tentacle. However, that is a large theme. And I lie. I would watch Hentai anyway. Just for the sheer hilarity value. *laughing even harder*

    Hi Catatonic Kid, oh…now that is sheer torture. More so than Hentai? Just kidding. I’m not. I’d take continual Hentai over continual Gwen Stefani.

    That’s just me though.

    “Why, I ask you, why?”

    How funny you should say that! Did you somehow through WP manage to follow a breadcrumb trail over to my comment last night when I was hanging out at darkenentries’ pad?

    I did actually say that and so did he in his post. Hmmm… Breadcrumb trail…brainwave trail…no matter.

    Indeed, Gwen’s alright but…whatevah! *laughing*

    She is a bit over the top though, don’t you think?



  4. *finger snap* Like, yeah, totally over the top.

    LOL to the brainwave trail. I like that one.


  5. Hi Catatonic Kid, *finger snaps back*

    Feel free to use “Brainwave Trail” to your heart’s content, darling. I’m not going to copyright that one.



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